OMG, Full on Mama Freak Out in progress…

June 24, 2007


It hurts, Mom!!!

Something is wrong with Hank.  I don’t know what is going on, but I’m about to have some sort of freaking cosmic mental breakdown.

I noticed that he was limping a little bit Friday night.  Up on close inspection of his front left foot, I saw that he had a little injury to the nail on that bizarre top wannabe toe that most owners have removed.  He was in good spirits, but no big deal.  Saturday morning, he was fine -absolutely no indication of a limp or any pain.  I took him to the doggy park yesterday afternoon and, after our walk, he started limping again!

Today – he can barely get up and down.  He seems to be favoring one of his hind legs as well as one of his front paws.  He won’t run or jump or play.  He barks and whines and only wants to sit on my lap (all 80lbs of him.)  When he does walk, he is very slow and limps horribly.

There are no vets open on Sundays and the ones with Emergency hours don’t consider this an emergency.  I wish my heart felt the same way!

I’ve read my doggie vet book and have deduced that he either has – hip dysplasia, arthritis, a sprain, a pulled muscle, degenerative kidney disease, a slipped or herniated disc, a broken toe, or a splinter.  I’m telling you, that book is so very helpful.  :{  Needless to say, I’ll be on the phone at 7:30 sharp tomorrow morning.

My sweet Hanky!

One comment

  1. Oh, poor Hank!
    If it helps at all, I’m sure that it is only a strain or minor fracture at most. He’s too young and healthy to have anything seriously wrong with him.
    I’m hoping for the best – hell, maybe he’ll wake up tomorrow right as rain.

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