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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2006
I finished the kids’ costumes yesterday and am stunned by how well the turned out!  Glow-in-the-Dark paint is amazing!
I had microwaved popcorn and mini-Oreos for breakfast.  My kids had gummy Life Savers, popcorn, DumDum suckers, and fruit snacks (don’t be fooled by the fruit snacks -they’re still nothing but total crap.) 
Lunch will be whatever I can scare up (get it, scare up!?!?!? ) followed by cupcakes I’m sure.
We’re making pumpkin muffins this afternoon – delish, but there’s a whole freaking cup of sugar in there!
B will come home tonight and we’ll paint up their little faces and go raid a few neighborhoods.  The kids are going as skeletons, B and I are going as "Involved Parents."
Dinner will be late and will consist of candy and more candy while carving the jack o’ lantern.  Perhaps I’ll be smart and make some white chili to cook in the crock pot during the day.  Hmmmmmm.
After the kids pass out cold, B and I will hit the stash and immediately remove all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snicker’s Bars because they clearly are unsafe for anyone under the age of 30 to eat – must save the children.  😉
Oh sweet Elvis on velvet, I love love love Halloween! 
Look for photos tomorrow.

In other news …

October 27, 2006
Happy Anniversary DDFF & CF!!  Do it up right, loves.  Congratulations!
Garoo, Happy Birthday chicka!  SK loves you, doll.  And, p.s. welcome to the club.  I’m giving you a new nickname – I’m gonna call you Rookie.  Glad to have you on the team, little mama.
If you have not experienced the loveliness of Good Earth tea, go out right now and get yourself some.  This stuff is sooooooooo good.  Of course, I got the caffeine free kind and it’s amazing.  It’s called Spicy and Sweet and they mean it.  Clearly no honey is needed – it’s sweet and tasty and just yum-a-rific.  And at 3 cals per serving, feel free to knock yourself out.
Duck is cracking me up.  He’s been saying the most random things.  This morning he was cleaning up some toys and said, "Wow, this sure would go a heck of a lot faster with that Clean Up Droid I have planned!"  And yesterday, while naming states, he said, "OH yeah, that’s Kentucky – where Stealth comes from!!"  I’m pretty sure I was there when Stealth was born and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t in Kentucky, but one can never be too sure.  DDFF, you were there -did we morph to the Bluegrass state?
Had a great time last night looking at books and pumpkins with you, DDFF.  Everyone needs a girlfriend who will match you rip for rip.
Tonight may be the last game of the World Series.  How freaking cool would that be?  The kids are gonna be gone tonight so you can bet my butt will be on a couch eating pizza and drinking beer and watching the game.  Although, I have yet to see Mr. Ritchie at any of the games -maybe if they go back to Detroit?  I hear his so called wife is back in her motherland, Canada.  Why did you have to go Canadian, Bob?  WHY?  Thought you were the American Badass ….. 
So, just for what it’s worth, I’m married to the best guy.  Maybe he’s not the best guy for everyone, but he’s certainly the only soul on the planet who was destined for me.  Man, he’s my best friend and he thinks I hung the moon.  I love that.  And I love that my girlfriends have men who feel the same about them.  Anyway, some big big big things are coming B’s way – some much earned praise and recognition and possibly some large cashola.  I’m so proud of him – he’s done some great things  – he deserves all the goodies he can get.
I want a 2/3 knitting book -a book where I’m guaranteed to like and make at least 2/3 of the stuff in it.  Have any suggestions?  If not, I’m gonna have to write one.  Damn.
Halloween is coming up.  I love Halloween.  The boys are going as skeletons this year. I’ve lost my mind and am making their costumes. I have glow in the dark paint everywhere.  Heh.
Okay, folks, have a great weekend.  Make it the best you possibly can. 

Holy Croc!

October 25, 2006

Look at these cutie patootie mittens I made for Duck!
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We got another one, JM Bill

October 24, 2006
Shout out to the newest member of the iPod revolution  – DDFF just got gifted with her very own key to musical bliss!  Happy anniversary, DDFF and tell the Mr. he did good!
Lord almighty, iPod love is only rivaled by the love one feels for ones children and perhaps ones mate.  Get ready – it’s gonna bite you big time.
And then come the accessories.  Sweet sassy molassy, the accessories. I love the little pink jacket I got for Erzulie and the portable speakers and the car jack and and and and and and ………
DDFF, welcome to the club, baby.  Jump on in – the tunes are fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnne.

GO Cardinals!

October 20, 2006

Were you able to see the game last night?  WHEW – that was an awesome awesome game. 
Off to the World Series against Detroit.
The bonus?  I’m sure Mr. Ritchie will attend at least ONE game.  Heh heh heh.



What I know

October 17, 2006
  • I love leg warmers.  Yep, I do.  NOT the slouchy acrylic bullshit that ran as rampant as STDs at Studio 54.  NO, I’m talking about the 100% wool, hand knit, fitted leg warmers that actually, gasp, keep your legs warm while wearing skirts in the winter.  Yep, I love ’em.
  • I know that B does not like these leg warmers.
  • I also know that I don’t care.
  • If you’re going on a road trip, it is imperative that you have good tunes.
  • If you have the chance, get Velma to hook you up with said tunes ’cause she’s mind bogglingly brilliant at this.
  • Tide To Go will get Shiraz out of white cotton shirts.
  • The best sleep you’ll get is the 20 minutes before your kid wakes you up and asks for an ice cream cone for breakfast.
  • That same kid will eat black beans and rice all day long, so occasionally ice cream for breakfast is okay.
  • Kids really can survive without screen time.  Easy peasy.  A SAHM surviving without her kids’ screen time is another topic all together.
  • I am the Candyland champion of my house.  This season, I’m 6 – 0.
  • My children have reached the age where toots are no longer toots, they are farts, and they are worthy competition upon which they both laugh so hard they wet themselves.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Just ask Dan Brown.  Loved The Da Vinci Code so much that I went back and read his previous novel, Angels and Demons.  Loved it too.  No surprise, however – they are the same damned book just with different references.
  • I’ve knitted so much and discussed my knitting so much with B that he thinks he can look at a pattern and tell me if it’s hard or not.  He’s always wrong, but I love him for trying.
  • My husband will dig through the trash to get something for me that I accidentally threw away 3 days ago.  If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is.
  • My son has prettier hair than me.
  • Everything old can be new again.
  • Sometimes I’m amazed at how little I know, others I’m stunned at how much I do.
  • Kashi kicks ass.
  • Sometimes you just gotta chuck it in the Fuck-It Bucket.
  • Mud boots are the greatest thing ever invented for children.
  • They’re not bad for adults, either.
  • Kids need to play in creeks and catch tadpoles and climb trees and fall down a little bit here and there. 
  • Adults need the same.
  • When Mehndi wears off your body, it goes through a stage where, from a distance, you look as though you’ve been horribly burned.  Lovely.
  • I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, but not really enough to be useful.
  • Spinning yarn makes your boogers technicolored.
  • Real men do eat quiche – it happens at my house all the time.




The Streets of San Francisco

October 10, 2006

I don’t have any idea how I’m going to condense the whole trip into a blog entry – I have, no kidding, 300 photos that tell the story better than words could, but I’m not going to put them all here. So, highlights (and lowlights) along with photos where Blogger will let me!

Thurs afternoon, VJ gathered her women and took us all to the Henna Lounge to have Mehndi done on our hands (and her hands, arms, feet, and legs.) Darcy was amazing, such a brilliant artist. We were all there for about 5 hours drinking wine and having a blast. My mehndi is still on – probably will stay on for close to another week (longer if I really take care of it.)

When we made it back to the loft, we all climbed up onto the roof – it’s amazing up there. Living in The Mission, Velma and Mark have such an great view from up on the rooftop.

Friday started with a morning walk with Velma and a stroll through the Mission where she surprised me by sneaking up on the Women’s Building. I am still blown away by the gorgeous murals on the walls.

Friday was also a day of travel to the beach and through the mountains while listening to some stellar tunes (thanks, VJ, the cd’s made the trip.)

We stopped in a great little town called Half Moon Bay and had lunch at the Main Street Grill. The owner of the place is this amazing man who just randomly starts singing, loudly, along with the music in the jukebox. He talks to everyone, sings great songs, and when the music stops, he opens out the jukebox, takes out his own dollar, and then puts the same dollar back in and picks more music! I fell in love with this guy, so Velma took a picture of us.

Down the street was Fengari, a precious little yarn shop that sells Ozark Handspun. While I was there, Ann, the owner of Fengari and wife of the owner of the Main Street Grill, noticed my bag and realized that I’m the owner of Kohleidoscope. She was so complimentary of my work, saying that they have printed out nearly every picture to use as inspiration. She even gave me quite a nice discount on some yarns that I bought in her shop.

I’m telling you, I love Half Moon Bay.

And then we went to the coast. As we arrived, I got a text message from my friend, Jason reading, “If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair. Of course, the flower could never possibly be as beautiful as you!” Man, I love that guy. So Velma found a flower for me and we hit the beach.

I’m telling you, that water was COLD, but of course I had to get my feet wet and write a few sand messages.

The 2 hour drive back to the city was filled with gorgeous scenery, a fantastic little trading post, and nice 40 oz of Pacifico (Thanks, Mark C.)

That night was the rehearsal dinner, although there was no rehearsal! We all walked through Chinatown into North Beach and had dinner at Tommaso’s, a family owned business that doesn’t take reservations and is packed every single day of the week (with good reason – the food is outstanding!!!) Much laughter took place there and, to no one’s surprise, we were that rowdy table that takes forever! What can you expect -they sell their wine by the liter pitcher.

The rather interesting thing about Tommaso’s, however, is that it’s directly across the street from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Home of the Hustler Honey’s where, apparently, you can get a lovely lusty lady for a quarter.

Choosing not to spend our quarter on what we already had, the girls all walked back to the hotel and decided that what drunk ladies need when they are out of wine is a cable car ride. Makes perfect sense. And, since one of us was getting married the next day, we got our return ride for free!

Saturday was the most amazing day – my VJ got married to her perfect man, someone whom I lovingly call my friend, my new brother. A day like this needs a great start, so J&J and I hit a lovely French cafe for breakfast. I had such fun just sitting there bullshitting with those girls and eating a great meal. I cannot help but smile ear to ear right now just thinking of it.

Following stuffing ourselves, we went back to the hotel to get the bride ready for her big day. I’ve seen countless brides, been one myself a time or two, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a bride more beautiful than Velma.

Chinatown had a parade which ran right in front of the hotel! Pretty cool, except it prevented our rides from getting to us, so we all had to grab bags and run up a very steep hill to make it to the cars, which then totally illegally backed up another huge hill to get out of the neighborhood. FUN! This is CA J doing some crafty driving.

The Hitchin’ Party was so much fun. Lots of kind, like minded folks eating yummy organic foods and hanging out in the redwood forest – how could that possibly be wrong? Everything was perfect, perfect, perfect. There’s just not too many words to describe it other than if you managed to somehow blend Velma and Mark up into some sort of mystic sauce and then poured that sauce onto everyone and everything in the area, well, you’d get pretty close.

I hit Chinatown on my own that night for a little shopping. Nothing spectacular to report other than I got the cutest red satin shoes and some lovely earrings and had a bizarre conversation with the folks at the 7-11, but hell, what can I say?

Sunday, J&J and I went down to Market Street to have breakfast and cure the hangovers. Found a great little place called The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We had a great view of some guy’s ass, heard a few crazies screaming on the sidewalk, and I walked in on a 200 pound man in the bathroom pulling up his pants (folks, you have to LOCK the door!) More shopping in Chinatown. Then we took BART to the Mission. Much fun – my first ever public transit experience. Must be documented, of course, so here are the pictures –

From San Francisco

Once we got to The Mission, we needed more food, so we ate some serious burritos. Honestly? The BEST burritos I’ve ever had. Ever. Period. The end.

More shopping : a store for Open Enterprises, ImagiKnit where I nearly had to be dragged out by my toes, and 826 Valencia where I loaded up on pirate supplies for myself and the kids.

We then hit Bombay Ice cream for some funky flavored ice cream. YUM!!!!!!!

That night, we were all too pooped to pop, so we skipped the Decompression and just hung out at the loft instead.

After everyone left, Mark and Velma took me to Twin Peaks. We tried to do a Streets of San Fancisco thing, but the stoopid people in front of us were obeying traffic laws, dammit. Regardless, I cannot tell you how much fun it was hanging out up there, just the three of us. MUST be done again.

And then they drove me through The Haight so I could see Haight Ashbury.

Monday morning was my last for this trip. Velma and I got up and walked to Katz Bagels to get some eats.

We took it back to the loft and ate ours on the roof. It was a lovely way to end my trip.

I feel so alive after doing this trip. I had sooooooooo much fun.


For Jill

October 10, 2006

I went my last night after having spent about an hour at Twin Peaks. There’s another photo, but not really great for blogging. Anyway – The Haight is amazing. While it doesn’t still have that late 60’s vibe, it’s so very cool to hang out and know what happened there. Posted by Picasa


Up on Cedar Creek

October 5, 2006

A few photos that I’m holding near and dear while I’m gone (click to enlarge …)


And I’m off —

October 4, 2006

Well, nearly. Leaving very early tomorrow morning. I’ll wander in and kiss my sleeping babies before I leave and know that the first two days are always the hardest.

It took me a good solid 4 hours to pick and choose my music for Erzulie. Then I had to go back and revise and revise and revise.

The bags are packed and ready to go.

Travel money is in the bank.

B is coming home early today so we can spend some time together. He did the same yesterday and we all went for a hike and then played in a sun dappled creek. I took a million pictures – a few of which are coming with me.

Need to get the boys to leave a voice memo on my phone so I can hear them when I need to.

I’m reading a passage from a wonderful book at V & M’s wedding. I’ve been practicing it and I still cannot get through it without crying. In fact, the tears start stinging my eyes and burning my throat after the first sentence. I’m going to have to breathe deep to make it through or else I’ll be wiping snot with my scarf before I finish the first paragraph.

I made a huge and stunning decision to not take along any knitting. None. At all. Period. I can knit at home and if I have knitting, I’ll be distracted and won’t get out there and adventure. I have to remember how to adventure by myself – and San Francisco sounds like the perfect place to figure that out.

Tonight I do the online flight check in and print my boarding passes.

Tomorrow I start my adventure.

I know they’ll be just fine and dandy -I’m not worried about them, but I’m going to miss my husband and my children terribly. But I suppose that part of the purpose in this journey is to find someone that I’ve been missing even more for even longer – myself.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks. Remember to tell yours that you love them. Get out and enjoy the weather. And be prepared for tons of photos when I return. Posted by Picasa