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Jebus, I *STILL* wanna be Jesse’s Girl

February 26, 2008

Rick Springfield was on Oprah today.  I grew up with Rick Springfield.  I watched him on General Hospital  when I was 6 (and it was summer and my parents were at work and my sister turned it on and I snuck in and watched it, too.)  But I guess more importantly, my brother had all of his albums.  I was quite close to my brother growing up and I spent more time in his room than in mine and invariably, we’d be listening to music.  I learned of Styxx, Kim Karns, Hall and Oats, Metallica, Dire Straights, Jim Croce, and yes, Rick Springfield at my brother’s knee.

I was impressed to watch ol’ Rick talk of his love of his sons.  He’s still a cutie patootie.  And when he sang the ultimate RS anthem, Jesse’s Girl, I got out of my seat and danced right along.  I got tickled that Duck was singing along, word for word.  Guess he has heard the song before.  😉


And then there’s Maude

February 23, 2008

I’m back amongst the living!!  My voice is several octaves lower than usual and it’s quite gravelly.  I’m feeling the need to walk around in handsome pantsuits, keep my arms bent to 90 degree angles, marry a nice Jewish boy, and stop using that horrid cream on my upper lip. I seem to have been reincarnated as Bea Arthur, but hell, at least she’s alive.



February 22, 2008

loldog, rogl, funny dog pictures, rofl
see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!

There is an LOL DOG site!!  I cannot believe it.  How wonderful!  It nearly makes me feel like living.



Death becomes me

February 21, 2008

Or so I’m hoping anyway.

I’m in the middle of a horrible flu.  A real deal full blown no holds back flu.  A sleep for 13 hours only to get up, cry, and sleep again flu.

I’m praying for death.  In the event that I do actually die, I have one thing to say:

Don’t send carnations to the funeral.  I fucking hate carnations.


To the elephant sitting on my chest

February 19, 2008

Fuck off


And the #1 reason I don’t have a gun is

February 18, 2008

I don’t handle missed opportunities very well!


It’s V Day, everyone!

February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Be sure to celebrate everything.


Best Day Evah

February 13, 2008

I’m too wiped out to even write it all out, but today was such a freaking hoot I can’t hardly believe it.

I took Duck shopping today for new clothes. I know this is going to sound really strange to you, but I’ve never taken my kids shopping for clothes for them before. Oh sure, we’ll go pick up new jeans when they need a pair or a new t-shirt and when they outgrow shoes, we go and get another, but I’ve never ever taken either of them for a new wardrobe (since we homeschool there’s not the moment for the back to school shopping.) My MIL is a shopaholic and buys the boys clothes constantly. So much so that we have to tell her to STOP occasionally. Somewhere along the line, however, she got the message and my kids started growing and before we realized it, everything was stained, out grown, or had holes all over it. So, time for new clothes.

I asked Duck where he wanted to go and he said, “Old Navy, Ma.” (Yes, Ma. It’s his new thing.) “Old Navy, because that’s the place to be. Things there are hip and cool and stylish. I want to look fierce and dashing.” (Yes, this is a direct quote. If you don’t believe me, you haven’t met my kid.) We went and had lunch first and then went on to Old Navy where I needed to buy myself some new pants ’cause I pissed my own watching Duck go apeshit in there. He was grabbing things left and right and when we tried things on, he walked out of the dressing area as if he were on a catwalk. The kid has the hip shift, the turn, the look back, he’s got it all DOWN. “How do you like me now?” he asked some 22 year old sales gal. 😀 We left with his arms full and my arms full and headed on to the next stop. (FWIW, folks, Old Navy is having a great sale on all kids and baby clothes – 40% nearly everything. Get there post haste.)

Then we hit JCP for leftover fall and winter stuff, each $2.79. 2 new jackets, 3 long sleeved tshirts, and PJs for Duck and Stealth. Target came next with more arms loaded full of stuff including sandals, water shoes, and some amazing cross trainers. Socks and undies as well. I swear, this kid is gonna look cooler than I do.

We hit a few more places for incidentals, racing up the steps, playing hide and seek. I got him a candy bar, he got me a flower. We sang along to the Black Eyed Peas at the top of our voices as we drove through town.

4 hours with my oldest son. 4 hours of just us. 4 hours of shopping, of loving, of being with each other. Amazing.

I’m telling you, for the $300 price tag, I got a hell of a bargain. It was amazing. It was wonderful. I loved every second of it.

And I get to do it all over again next week with Stealth.


How is it

February 11, 2008

that the people you love the most can piss you off the most at the very same time?

Motherhood is a real bitch sometimes.


Got it!

February 11, 2008

It’s Onyx and Carnelian Chalcedony (the red quartz)