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April 24, 2009

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but it’s not because I’ve had nothing to write about.  Truth is, I’ve been so busy living I’ve had very little time to write it all down except in my private journal which you folks don’t get to lay your peepers on!

My baby boy turns 7 tomorrow.  I cannot believe that.  How in the world does it go so fast?  I ask my Mom this all the time and she says things like, "Yeah, I know, my baby is 33!"  Unreal.   Stealth only has a few things on his wish list for his birthday, but the number one thing he wants and has wanted for a long time is a grappling hook.  YES.  A Grappling hook.  JEEBUS.  The only thing saving us from this nightmare is we told him that he cannot have one until he learns to climb a rope.  Guess what he’s obsessed with now?   Grooooooooooooannnn.

Sobriety is an interesting thing.  It’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  It’s unbelievably wonderful!  I used to think, “Sweet jesus on toast, how could life possibly be as much fun if you have to be totally sober all the time?”  I was right – life isn’t as much fun sober – it’s so much more fun!  Things are real.  Things are clear.  Things are bright and awesome.  Even the things that suck suck more clearly and for much less time.  Sleep is better, life is better, everything is better.  Well, almost everything.  Learning to live life sober is not so hard.  Learning to live life with the folks who are trying to learn how to live life with you sober is hard.  REALLY damned hard.  The whole relationship is different for them, too.  I just keep breathing and praying and meditating and doing what I have to do.  Believe. Have faith.

The universe is smiling on me big and bright.  I fully believe that your intention governs your reality.  Have faith, believe it all happens for a reason, believe that things happen in the time in which they are meant to happen, be patient.  It all works.  I’ve been doing a lot of yoga for several months now.  Probably 4-6 times a week.  I started doing yoga 15 years ago or so, but not too terribly regularly all the time.  In fact there were years when I didn’t touch a mat (what tragic and sad years those were!)  It’s always been important to me and I have always felt a deep connection with it and have held a passion for it deep in my soul.  It’s the answer to almost everything for me – head to the mat.  You just cannot put it into words unless you do it, so I’m not even going to try.  Anygetbackontrack, I’ve always wanted to be an instructor.  Not just someone who knows some poses and leads folks through them, but someone who knows the philosophy and history behind it, the Sanskrit, the whole nine yards.  Finding a training and getting a foot in the door always eluded me. How?  When?  Where?  I started dreaming about it.  I started imagining it.  I started breathing it, dreaming it, loving it, eating it.  I would head to the mat with that intention in mind.  I meditated on it.  And I had faith.  After my class on Wednesday, one of my instructors pulled me aside to get to know a bit more about me.  After chatting for a few minutes, I took a deep breath and put my desires out into the universe verbally – I told her of my desire to be a teacher.  She smiled and looked at me and told me of a training that is coming to my town this summer and she said I would be wonderful, suggested I look at the website and sign up because "Sarah, it is very clear that this is your calling."  I looked and, sure enough, there is a training in August that I can do.  All I would have to do is save up some money.  Not easy in this economy, but possibly doable.  Again, I put it out into the universe, again I stated my intention, again I had faith.  And then I got a message from a former client – she’s due in July and wants to do the paperwork.  My fee for her birth will more than pay for the training.  Amazing.  Just amazing!

I’m kind of hooked on Twitter.  @kohlmama.

I have found some new websites that I love love love.  Some serious, some seriously funny:







I’ve also found some music that is new to me that I really love.  I suggest you all find and listen to some:

Little Joy

Belle & Sebastian

Mason Jennings

The Kooks

The Fratellis

The Strokes

The Arctic Monkeys

I went shopping today for Stealth’s birthday presents.  Got blisters on my feet from new shoes.  I swear, this is why we are all meant to be barefoot.  But .. um, only of us with clean feet, which I guess, after awhile, would mean none of us…  Carry on…

Got a new van last week.  New to me, that is.  YAY!!  Getting personalized plates.  It already smells like Nag Champa.  It’s purple.  It’s perfect.   Ahhhhhhh..

Speaking of the van, I have to get my tush into it and pick up the kiddos!  Have a great weekend, folks.  Kiss your family, thank your lucky stars, and enjoy life – it’s already later than you think.

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