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Weekend FUN!

October 6, 2008

After a long and sad week, I decided it was time to get out and have some fun!  This weekend happened to be the Roots Blues and BBQ festival and, while I didn’t feel up to wild adventure that was last year’s festival, I did want to go for a bit and take the kids.  We had a blast!

Then JFL came to visit and we went for a hike at the Pinnacles and then just tooled around


Archaeology for 88 cents

May 9, 2008

I found these really cute things for 88 cents that allows the boys to “dig” for treasures just like archaeologists. Seriously, 88 cents for something that got them dirty, sweaty (it’s surprisingly hard to hack through this clay stuff,) interested, entertained, educated, and excited. They each found a treasure (a sarcophagus and an idol cat,) and a deeper interest in history. Awesome!


Classroom pics

May 5, 2008

We learned that post paints aren’t just for posters, finger paints aren’t just for fingers OR for painting, dismantled washing machines can make awesome forts, parachutes made from grocery sacks and mop handles are cool when shot out of an air cannon, hand prints make awesome leaves, and that teaching makes it damned near impossible to learn.

It’s likely that this might turn into an Unschooling blog. Or maybe more likely I’ll start another blog about our unschooling ventures. We’re diving in, we’re swimming in the free waters of child led learning, and I must say, we’re already a hell of a lot smarter.

Some pictures of the artwork done in the basement this weekend. It’s become an “Art Gallery / Studio” and paints and brushes are now kept out at easy reach for those spur of the moment inspirations. The words mostly are my work, the drippy heart is Duck’s, the MOM is Stealth’s.

Fingerpaint handprints make awesome leaves

and finger paint footprints are lovely, too

And since the feet are already slippery, why not skate?

And from hanging out and learning in the yard …