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Heading to the River

July 22, 2008

7 hours and counting, baby!

And just ’cause I love it so much …



June 28, 2008

Life will throw you curve balls and you’ll hit bumps in the road. It seems as if I’ve been experiencing nothing but bumps since Tuesday. Finally today it’s smoothing out. Thank Elvis.

One of the bumps was the pool. We worked for 12 hours getting the land ready and it’s still not done. I’m thinking tomorrow will be the golden day. There’s probably only another hour or two of digging and moving earth, probably 20 minutes or so of tamping it down, and then the pool set up itself followed by the 3 or 4 hours to fill it. By the time we’re done, B and I are just going to grow fins and gills. Hell, he’s halfway there – he’s a Pisces.

Thursday night, some driving genius nearly ran me off the road which resulted in me choosing between 1) having a sideswiping collision with a vehicle and nearly killing myself and said genius or, 2) veering off the side of the road and colliding with the curb. Not really wanting to die before seeing Willie again (less than a month!) I chose option 2. Option 2 did not kill me but absolutely killed our budget as it resulted in 1 flat tire, 1 exploded tire (yes, I mean exploded,) and two rims bent beyond repair. I could have died anyway! It’s a freaking miracle I didn’t flip the van. And of course no place has those rims, so they had to be ordered from a salvage yard. The mechanic says it should be done by Tuesday. How awesome is that? 😡

I promised B that I would make spanikopita for dinner tonight. He’s been feeling really really ill lately and could use all the iron (spinach) he can get. Of course, I realize an hour ago that I’m completely out of garlic. I need 5 cloves. And, of course, B has the only working vehicle – at my suggestion this morning. Guess we’ll be holding off on the Greek feast. Dammit.

But it’s not all be horrible and we all have those temporary What-The-Fuck-Is-Happening moments. It’s getting better. Today is darn near lovely. I just wish that, on the Road of Life, I was equipped with better suspension.