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Miles in the morning and other random journeys

March 5, 2009

Sitting here at my desk, criss cross applesauce, and listening to Miles run the voodoo down while drinking coffee.  Still in my pjs – great new silky pjs – and a pink silk robe.  Pretty darn fabulous, really.

I just did this cute little thingy on FB about what kids will say about their mom and Stealth answered the questions for me.  By far my favorite was, “If your Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?”  Duck shouted in and said, “I know, CatWoman!”  Stealth said, “Oh yeah … totally definitely CatWoman.”  Love those kids …

There’s some rumblings going on between me and DDFF about bringing back The Mutha.  I’m hoping it happens, I loved it.  She’s created an amazing program and I love the little part I play in it.  In preparation,  I thought I’d take advantage of the bellydance class offered at my gym.  The instructor is Suhaila trained and a really nice girl, so why not?   Now I hadn’t danced in forever, perhaps beyond forever, so I expected to be rusty and awkward and sweating like a stuck pig.  What I wasn’t expecting was that the instructor was going to pick that particular week to work on legs and glutes.  See, if I had known that, I wouldn’t have done 30 minutes of intense leg work with weights prior to class.  Those 30 minutes + 6 minutes of heel lifts + endless hip drills on tiptoe (there’s a name for that, but I’m not spelling it here…) rendered me nearly paraplegic for 2 days.  My calves!  HOLY CRAP.  Regardless, they are fine and dandy and tasty now and I’m looking forward to doing it all again this Sunday … minus the leg weights.  Just watch – I’ll focus on abs before class and then do nothing but an hour of rib slides.

We got a new washing machine yesterday.  That makes 3 new major appliances in 16 months.  I love it!  It reminds of the moment when I realized I was growing up.  I was watching The Price is Right many years ago and got way more excited about the showcase that featured new appliances and a bedroom suite than the one that featured a speedboat and a motorcycle.  Aging  – it happens.  Thank Elvis.  I wouldn’t go back for anything.

Speaking of aging, B is going to be turning 35 in a couple of weeks.  This, of course, is being preceded by his annual aging freakout.  Seriously – for someone who seems to have his shiz together pretty well, he flips at getting older.  Never saw that coming.  Anyway, so you know what he wants for the momentous birthday?  Binoculars and shop towels.  How fancy!  I don’t get men.

Other things I don’t get:

  • OctoMom.  She’s a flipping train-wreck, basket case, child endangerer, publicity whore, should be mental patient.  Hope she loses all of her kids and gets some serious help.
  • Chris Brown and other abusers.
  • Rhianna and other women who put up with asshats like Chris Brown.
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese Crackers – isn’t the blue box bad enough?
  • People who think frozen yogurt is a health food.

Not like I’m too rigid in my beliefs, however.  Recently (within a year) I have taken up an extreme liking to many things I never would have expected to like, much less lurve…

  • Oatmeal for breakfast
  • Oatmeal at ALL, for that matter
  • Curry Cauliflower soup
  • going to bed early
  • unloading the dishwasher
  • going to the gym
  • sweating like a pig
  • playing some video games
  • flourless bread
  • crazy short hair
  • Alkaselzer cold
  • very short fingernails

The weather is going to be gorgeous this week.  Trips the park, living outside, endless games of fetch are all on the agenda.  I better get hopping …


Fabulous Fall

November 8, 2008

Fun in the yard last weekend.  It was possibly the last warm weekend of the year so we made the most of it.


Kids vote, too!

November 4, 2008

Be sure to let your kids vote, too, for whomever they want!  Check it out!

ZOOMout The Vote!


I’m a woman of my word

May 10, 2008

Today I made good on a promise I made to Stealth 2 years ago and gave him a purple mohawk. I cannot believe how well he did (and Duck, too, who wanted red, we bought red, it turned fuscia – which he loves more than red anyhow…) I gave them each haircuts and then had to bleach Stealth’s hair out and then color it. Duck’s was already blond enough to not need bleaching.

So, who’s gonna take me in after B kicks me out when he sees this?


Archaeology for 88 cents

May 9, 2008

I found these really cute things for 88 cents that allows the boys to “dig” for treasures just like archaeologists. Seriously, 88 cents for something that got them dirty, sweaty (it’s surprisingly hard to hack through this clay stuff,) interested, entertained, educated, and excited. They each found a treasure (a sarcophagus and an idol cat,) and a deeper interest in history. Awesome!


Classroom pics

May 5, 2008

We learned that post paints aren’t just for posters, finger paints aren’t just for fingers OR for painting, dismantled washing machines can make awesome forts, parachutes made from grocery sacks and mop handles are cool when shot out of an air cannon, hand prints make awesome leaves, and that teaching makes it damned near impossible to learn.

It’s likely that this might turn into an Unschooling blog. Or maybe more likely I’ll start another blog about our unschooling ventures. We’re diving in, we’re swimming in the free waters of child led learning, and I must say, we’re already a hell of a lot smarter.

Some pictures of the artwork done in the basement this weekend. It’s become an “Art Gallery / Studio” and paints and brushes are now kept out at easy reach for those spur of the moment inspirations. The words mostly are my work, the drippy heart is Duck’s, the MOM is Stealth’s.

Fingerpaint handprints make awesome leaves

and finger paint footprints are lovely, too

And since the feet are already slippery, why not skate?

And from hanging out and learning in the yard …


Life is GOOD*

January 15, 2008

and other little tidbits.

*Not affiliated with the LG company, although they did make my cell phone and I have no real issues with it … no real thrills, either, but that’s not really the point.

 I just have to say right here and now that I’m really loving being a Mom at the moment.  Actually, it’s been building for some time.  My kids are just getting cooler and cooler.  They’ve hit a really fantastic age – Duck is growing and thinking and asking fabulous questions and is just in a mode of huge mental growth –  it’s a joy to just hang with him and listen to what comes out of his head.  Currently, he’s composing a lullaby for Hank and singing it to him in the most loving voice.   Stealth is a boundless bundle of energy and smiles and giggles and the sparkliest eyes I’ve ever seen.  He’s reading fully now and is writing and spelling all the time.  It’s such a hoot to be able to give him a written list of things to get or do and watch him go.  My kids love being alive – I’m learning from them every day.

I fell in love with my husband again last night.  I decided to stop being all freaked out about the details of life and just live it, warts and all.   B’s uncle G came up late last night for a visit.  This is unusual behavior, but you know, why be limited?  We hung out for a long time and laughed and I watched my husband being who he was. I saw him laughing and joking and we all felt relaxed and happy and comfortable just being together.  It’s at times like these that I realize what makes B and I a great couple – we love being together.  We love laughing together and thinking together and talking together.  We’re great friends and so it’s really comfortable for us to hang together with whomever happens to stop by. It was well after midnight by the time G left and after 1 by the time B and I fell asleep.  I woke up early this morning feeling alive and refreshed and reminded of what is and is not important in life.  I feel centered and happy and comfortable being me.

My Mom has been thinking about The Bucket List and I have as well.  She asked me recently what I would put on my list and my immediate answer is the same as it always has been – to ride across the country on my own Harley.  I’ve always wanted my own bike and B and I long ago decided that I’d have one before I die.  It’s a long time dream of mine to hop on and just ride from coast to coast, stopping here and there whenever the urge hits. Sleeping in tents and 5 star hotels alike.  It’s a roadhouse existence and it’s soooooo appealing to me.  Realizing that it is still immediately #1 on my list made me stop to think – does my current life model my list?  HELL NO.  It doesn’t.  I’m living a “drink tea in a museum, knit an afghan from dog hair, and perfect the soft boiled egg**” list kind of life.  SNOOZE. It doesn’t fit me.  Think that’s where my sense of dissatisfaction is coming in.  I’ve been trying to cram my Ernie into a Bert shaped hole (shut it, Mary. It’s not that kind of blog.)  Pretty intense awakening.  It’s going along swimmingly with this book I’m reading: The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning.    JFL, get thyself a copy PDQ.

** Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things. I love tea and museums, most of my afghans are covered in dog hair anyway so might as well start off there to begin with, and eggs are protein, my preferred food group.  But, you know, it just doesn’t zing of Mamakohl Mojo.

Spring is coming.  Yes, yes I know, it’s only January, but man, it’s COMING.  February is just a hop skip and a jump away. February is: tax refund season (can I get an amen?!!!,) my anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and the shortest freaking month of the year (although it is Leap Year, folks.)  Then comes March and with March comes a zillion and twelve birthdays and St Pats and SPRING!  Spring means camping and BBQs and dog parks and flowers and playing outside and clothes drying on the line and picnics and thunderstorms and beer on the patio and SANDIE’S VISIT!!

I have a couple of trips coming up.  I’m going to go to St. Louis soon for a weekend with JFL and his posse of pervie pretty boys.  I cannot wait.  This trip is one of those “Tentatively scheduled for the weekend when you are most likely to kill someone” kinds of trips which means we might only have like 2 days notice and it might not happen for 6 months or so, but it’s gonna happen and PRAISE ELVIS, it’s about damned time.   In May I’m going to VA for a few days of R&R with my Brainy girlfriends.  Super duper excited – I will certainly come home with some life changing memories and some new ink or steel.  FUN!

Know what I have figured out how to do?  LAUGH! I’ve been laughing and laughing and laughing lately and loving it. It’s good for me!  I hunt out the laughs.  I load my iPod up with funny movies and soundtracks and comedians and podcasts.  I watch standup while folding laundry.  I laugh with the boys, with the dog, with my friends.  LAUGHTER – pretty awesome stuff.   Comes in really handy when you realize that there are some crazy assed injustices in the world that you just cannot do a damned thing about.   Seriously, you cannot “un-fuck-up” a person.  They are either gonna stay fucked up forever or they are gonna pull themselves out of the Fucked-Up barrel themselves.  So you just have to say, “Huh. Yeah.  That person is really a card carrying member of the Fucked Up Freak Show” and walk on.  I prefer to walk on laughing, which brings me to my next topic —

Will Ferrell.  For real, folks.  This guy makes me piss myself.  He’s soooooooo funny. “Help me Jesus!  Help me Jewish God!  Help me Tom Cruise!  HELP ME OPRAH WINFREY!!!”   Yeah, good ol’ Will Ferrell makes life good.

Know what else makes life good???  Hummus.  Yeah.  Gonna go make some of that now…