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Yummy Sunday

May 3, 2009

Sundays are good days.  It’s almost like the Universe just says, “Okay, folks, let’s all just take a deep breath together.”  Many folks are off work on Sundays and the world just seems to kind of settle down together.  I doubt many people chose Sunday to wage war.

Sunday usually is a day of gratitude for me.  I get to spend a lot of time with the ones I love doing what I love.  It’s very hard to live in MO during Spring and stay indoors, even when it rains.  Everything is just too beautiful.  Lush, green, abundant.  The world just seems to be happy to have us in it.  Right back atcha, world!  In appreciation, I’m going to share some of the things I’m grateful for right here, right now…

I have made connections with many folks all over the country who are involved in yoga.  One thing I learned very early on in my doula career is how important it is to make and keep good, strong, professional affiliations.  In yoga, it’s important to know folks so you can learn new and wonderful things from each other, share tips and trends, and also bounce off questions and suggestions.  Most importantly, though, it’s the sharing of the energy, of the juju as it were, that becomes a necessity.  It’s powerful stuff to surround yourself with like minded folk – the energy is electric whether you are sharing your vision in person or via the big ol’ internet.  Being a part of this community pleases me to no end and I’m so grateful.

One of the lovely members of this yoga community recently held a “contest” on Twitter.  Katy Downey (@lotuspad) owns Lotus Pad Yoga Mats, a company that makes wonderfully beautiful, incredibly affordable, and amazingly useful Eco yoga mats.  Entirely biodegradable, recyclable, these mats are latex free, PVC free, lead free, and are sweat, fungus, and bacteria resistant.  For her contest, folks were to submit their favorite yoga pose and the reason why it is their favorite (140 characters or less) and the winner would receive a Lavender Eco Mat.  Great contest, huh?  I’m so happy to say that I won!  And it’s PURPLE!  I cannot wait to use my new mat.  Thanks, Katy.  Every0ne, please stop by Lotus Pad and check out all the wonderful goodies there and pick up a thing or two.  Your body, your Karma, and the Earth will thank you (probably Katy, too!)  THANK YOU, Lotus Pad Yoga Mats!

I took my yoga practice out to the deck again today.  Again, if you have the chance, please consider doing a session or two out in nature.  The air is just perfect this time of year and you will be filled with sweet smells while you do your Ujjayi breathing.  I’m so thankful that I have a yard with lots of trees.  Lots of trees means lots of birds who sing to me while I practice.  A perfect accompaniment is Music for OM Yoga.  I just Googled for it and I’m not sure it’s available anymore, but there is a lot of OM music out there, I’m sure it’s all yummy good.

My friend, Megan, has a great site that she’s building for her business, Emerge Yoga Style. Please take a moment to visit and read her blog.  The song you will hear on the Welcome page is The Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal.  It is so beautiful and meaningful.  I’m copying a bit of her write up about it here, but to get the really neat story she tells, again, visit her blog on the site.  Here’s what The Gayatri Mantra says

“We contemplate the glory of Light illumination the three worlds:  gross, subtle, and casual.  I am that vivifying power, love, radiant illumination, and divine grace of universal intelligence.  We pray for the divine light to illumine our minds.”

Yeah, pretty beautiful, huh?  Thank you, Megan, for sharing it.  If you like the song my Deval Premal, you can download it from iTunes.

We don’t go away much.  It’s hard to get schedules to coordinate and find the resources to take off, etc.  It’s not that we don’t need it, we all do, but like most folks, we tend to put our relaxation needs on the back burner.  Fortunately, someone stepped in on our behalf.  My in-laws have a condo right on the water of the Big Ol’ Lake this week and asked us to please come spend some time with them.  We could not pass up that opportunity, so we’re taking off two days and maybe two nights to unwind and breathe.  I’m so grateful for this time together to renew ourselves, our spirit, and to get a little break from day to day life.

I never thought I’d ever love Near Beer (non-alcoholic beer.)  I used to make fun of folks who drank it.  Yeah, I was pretty slimy in other ways, too.  Thank Elvis for personal growth, eh?  Anyway, I have totally changed my tune.  I love my sobriety, as I have said, but there are times when I really miss having a beer.  Fortunately there are several non-alcoholic beers out there now that really and truly are very good.  Who knew?!?

I haven’t wanted to say it because it’s really his journey, not mine, but I’m REALLY grateful that my darling husband, B, is 6 weeks smoke free today!!!  Thank you, B, for making the choice to be healthier so we can enjoy you longer in this world.  I love you.

Speaking of my main man, he just took my two little men on a hike.  So many children don’t have fathers who will drop everything to spend some time with them.  How blessed we are!  Since they are out doing their thing, however, I have the house to myself.  AHHHHHHHHH… gonna get offa here and spend some time soaking up the peace.

Let’s all take a few more minutes today to be grateful.  Practice an attitude of gratitude.  Be yummy.  Happy Sunday!


Abundance is everywhere

October 28, 2008

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting
for our wits to grow sharper.”

– Eden Phillpotts

Times are hard.  Our economy is in the toilet.  The only thing that is seemingly affordable anymore is gas – but gas does little good if you cannot afford to do anything once you get where you’re going.  Food prices are outrageous.  Health care options are being slashed and burned.  It’s turning cold and the cost of heating a home is rising and rising and rising.  It’s so easy to get mired down in the muck, oh so easy to focus on what I don’t have, what I should have, what I want to have – The list is long.

Making that list, however, doesn’t really do anything postive, does it?  It just feeds energy into a mindset that is stuck on “lack” when I want my mindset to be stuck on “lush.”  NO, not the boozy kind of lush, the lush of fragrant gardens, the lush of succulent flowers, soft silk, rich velvet, smooth chocolate, fluffy bathrobes.  I could be grieving, but I choose to be grateful.  I have so much for which to be grateful.

I make gratitude lists often. When I feel like life is in the dumps and I have nothing to be happy about, I sit and make a list.  Within minutes I see that I have everything I need.  All of my needs and wants are being provided for every day.  I am blessed beyond measure.  When I focus on what I have and what I’m grateful for, suddenly the things I’m lacking or scared of or worried about disappear or get resolved or heal up or whatever.  This works … without fail.

I’ve been really stressed out about a dental issue I’ve been having.  It’s caused me extreme pain, angst, worry, fear, shame, stress, and even guilt.  I lost sleep and sanity over this issue.  Eventually I realized that I was cementing myself in a black place of negativity and blocking my own path to abundance.  I prayed to my universe about it. I turned it over and let go.  And I started having fun.  I started living and loving and laughing and trusting and believing and attracting.  All weekend I believed that the money would be there.  I believed that the dentist would be gracious. I believed that I would be healed.  I believed it would happen swiftly and peacefully and I believed that it would be taken care of. I believed in abundance. My beliefs paid off.  Yesterday we got an economic boost and the assurance that it will continue to be a boost – it will be there as long as we want it.  I went to my dental appointment and the tooth that has been causing me drama and trauma for weeks and weeks was removed painlessly and at a vastly reduced cost.  The dentist was, as always, caring, compassionate, respectful, empowering. I have a seriously intense hole in my mouth where the tooth once was, but I slept last night for the first night in weeks.  This morning I feel on top of the world, in so much less pain than I have been for a long time.  I am accutly aware of the abundance that surrounds me – and I am so grateful to be so blessed.

When we want to throw in the towel, to bury our heads, to give up, the universe seems to give up on us.  It simply doesn’t work that way, though.  The universe is nothing but abundance, waiting for us to realize it, to accept that, to appreciate that.  When we are grateful for the things we have, suddenly we realize how much more there is to be grateful for – we are blessed beyond measure and we see that it is enough, we have enough, we are enough.