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HOLY CRAP, I’m late

March 31, 2008

late in my annual post – so here it is.


My favorite color is green and I’m a perfect size cash.


My badass boys

March 25, 2008

they wanted haircuts that made them “look tough!!!”

Okay okay, I give them Tough Haircuts.
And they want pictures.

And so …

this is the picture I get. Tell me, how tough is a guy with a bubble gum pink lollipop?

badass mutha - shut yo mouth!



March 25, 2008

finding out some amazing news about a friend and not being able to tell a single fucking soul until the end of June.

But friend, if you read this, ROCK ON!!


The KOPN radio show is online

March 25, 2008

You can listen to all of our witty brilliance here!


This is why I am the leader of the pack

March 22, 2008

funny dog pictures


Anyone got a cone?

March 21, 2008

I think I need one of these —

My tattoo is peeling (thank Elvis,) and I’m normally not a picker, but sweet Maude and molassas, it’s all I can do to not mess with it. I swear, I spent much longer in the shower today than I needed to — every time I rubbed it with my hand under the water, the scabbing just came flying off.

In pieces.

And there’s quite a bit left.

Just sitting there.

And that, my friends, is why I need a cone — for my hands.


Business notes

March 20, 2008

1.  Yes, it’s a real tattoo.  With needles. And ink.  And pain.  And blood. And that whole “forever and ever” thing.  I know, it’s so good it looks like it’s a sticker or a drawing, but it’s a real deal permanent tattoo.  (I write this because 5 people have asked if it’s real.  Fair enough.)

2.  No, I did not forget.  Tuesday was B’s birthday.  I didn’t mention it because, well, he doesn’t care about his birthday and if I did put it on here then folks would know that he was actually, gasp, BORN and did not just appear from the mist.  So, Happy 34th, Monk.  You’re like a fine cheese – getting riper with age.

3.  All you local folks – be sure to tune into KOPN tonight at 7.  DDFF and I are doing an hour long radio show on Doulas.  Listen and be amazed at our brilliance (or listen and laugh as we screw it all up.)  Either way, tune in and listen up.  I think the show will be available for download on the website.  I’ll post a link when it comes up.



March 18, 2008

And a few others


You know you suck at Photoshop

March 17, 2008

I just wet myself. Good thing Donnie shows you how to fix this problem in You Suck at Photoshop #2.

Again, thanks Mark. Folks, really, you just need to read Mark’s blog yourself.


Counting down the hours

March 17, 2008

is taking forever. FOREVER. 5 1/2 more hours to go until my tattoo appointment. I’ve been bouncing off the walls for days waiting for it.

And, as always, the universe decided to put her hands in this one, too. I didn’t request a specific artist for my piece – I figured the owner of the place knew everyone’s strong points, so he could pick the artist best suited for the kind of tattoo I’m getting. So he set me up and told me who the artist is. The artist doing the tattoo is a guy I went to high school with. We never met, but I knew who he was. See, he was the guy with the long jet black hair with tattoos all over himself. He was the guy who set off my love for all things junkie. Okay, okay, maybe that’s not exactly true – I don’t love all things junkie. But I do have a tendency to be drawn to guys who look like they should have a hypodermic sticking out of their arm… Anyway, so it’s not like I had a crush on this guy (eh, maybe I did – who can remember, it was a thousand years ago,) but I was very much aware of him and influenced by him. When I heard he was going to be doing my tattoo, I looked him up online out of curiosity. Some of us age better than others. 😉 (Thankyougenetics)

Big reveal tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.