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March 30, 2007

My SIL is in labor and will be birthing her son today!! I’m not doulaing her through this one (my own sick kids and timing prevent it,) but I’m with her in spirit. Everyone, wish a blessed birth for D, B, and baby Nameless Wonder!!!

Baby Boy B was born into the world at 10:16 this morning, weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces and stretched out to 19 inches long. Daddy B is sporting the perma-grin and, after Mama D gets some Tylenol, she will be, too.
Welcome to the world, new nephew of mine. We all seem just a little more complete with you here.
And SIL D? That first drink is on me, Mama. You’ve earned it.

Well, it was B’s birthday, but I got the present

March 20, 2007

He’s quitting smoking!!!!
He’s been a 2 pack a day smoker for over 15 years and at 11:25 pm on Sunday, B smoked his last cigarette, destroyed the three left over in his last pack, and said goodbye to that nasty habit.
It’s hard -he’s struggling, but he’s doing so well and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
I have never been more grateful for anything in my life -if it gives me even one more day with my husband on this planet, it will have been worth it all.
Thanks, B, for doing what it takes to stick around. I love you.


March 18, 2007
We're heading out of town today to celebrate B's 33rd birthday!!
Happy birthday, Monkey.  I love you.

Oh DD …

March 14, 2007
You're so fine
You're so fine
You blow my mind
Hey DD!!  Hey DD!!
<<Bows and takes off cheerleading outfit to make the official statement of undying adoration and induction to tenured Rock On status>>
My Sister in Chopsticks, Yarn, Birth, and Mojo, DDFF, has bestowed upon me the fab gift of Wednesday night Pilates and Bellydance classes!  Oh yes, indeed.  Man, I love to work my body and I love to work it next to DDFF – she's my motivation mama.  Let's see … Wednesday nights watching snoozer TV or tightening and toning and getting my ass kicked in general around some yummy ovarian goodness?????  No brainer – hurt me, please!!!  And, if we top off our almighty buffness with a little goma ae, all the better.
Girl, you rock my world.  We've been friends now for, what, close to 7 years (I remember you waltzing around with a 2 week old Filbert in a sling ….) and I think my lucky Elvis on Velvet for you every chance I get.  You entered my Rock On Hall of Fame ages  ago – thought I'd let you know that the plaque on the wall is permanent.
Thanks, Mamasita.  I can't wait!


March 13, 2007
That's just the word for it – gobsmacked.  I cannot believe it -I cannot believe it.  I'm stunned.
If you've had cable TV or been up late at night at all during the last 15 years, you've all seen the infomercials.  You've all heard about the "Swirl, Tap, Buff."  You know Leslie and her obsession with brushes and mineral veil.  Say it with me – Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals SPF 15 Mineral Foundation!
For years I have seen this stuff advertised on TV and I've been curious.  Can it really go on that smoothly?  Does it really look that good?  Is it really that idiot proof?  Does it feel that good on your skin?  Is it *really* all natural?  So, for years, I have wondered these and thought, "Good lord, who in the world would spend that much money on makeup and why?"
And then I found out that a very dear friend of mine has been using it for over a year.  A friend, by the way, who loathes makeup and never wore it except for Prom and random costume parties.  Not only has she been using it for a year, she wears it every single day.  And she loves it.  Just loves it.
Hmmm.  Food for thought.
So, a few months ago, I discovered that Loreal' started making "mineral foundation" and I gave it a try.  Sure, it was better than any liquid foundation or anything, but still, it wasn't quite right.  The color wasn't right, it didn't blend, it made my skin do strange things, it just wasn't ideal — but it was $13 to start out vs. $75, so what the hell, good enough.
But it wasn't good enough and eventually, after years and years of wondering, I decided to splurge and treat myself to the real deal.  It arrived by UPS last night and this morning I tried it out.
It took me maybe 3 minutes, tops, to put it on my very first try and I nearly broke out in tears when it was all done.  I can not believe how wonderful this stuff is.  Seriously.  Honestly.  Like tofu salad, sushi, good yarn, great sex, fabulous shoes, and a Mint Julep all tied up into one lovely package.  Like "throw away the whole rest of my makeup collection and never go to the beauty counter again" good. It's amazing – and I have never felt more beautiful.  I love it.  Everything they say on the infomericals is true.  The coverage, the lightness, the warmth, the feel, everything!!!   It's astonishing.  And it's sooooooooooooo worth the money.
Gobsmacked.  Gobsmacked, I tell you.
I'm off to go look at myself some more….


March 12, 2007
I have 4 yellow daffodils by my front door.
I have a bloomed crocus by my side door and lots of daffs ready to bloom.
My forsythia bush has it's first yellow bud.
My redbud is doing it's thing.
The magnolia in my front yard is budded out and I'll bet we'll see hot pink in a week.
The windows are open.
My feet are dirty from walking barefoot in the yard.
Duck is belting out Honky Tonk Woman and dancing like a 6 year old Jagger.
The gazebo goes up this week.
Beer is tasting good and I saw baseball on tv yesterday.
JP has decided to NOT teach summer school after all so we have more time together.
I just got some lovely fabric and have started designing myself a warm weather wardrobe.
I woke to birds this morning.
First campout of the season is coming soon.
I love Spring.
Fuckin' A Ray, this is my time of year.


March 8, 2007
Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday

R.I.P. Bo Puppy

March 7, 2007

I got a phone call from my MIL this morning -they had just put their doggy, Bo, to sleep. I’m not a fan of small dogs, but this little yorkie was amazing. He lived to be about 14 years old and just was a wonderful companion.

Duck and Stealth were *very* close to Bo and they took the news of his death pretty hard this morning. It will be tough when they go on Friday and realize that he’s not there.
This is the only photo I have of him – and it looks like he’s dead! I assure you he’s not – he’s just sleeping in the photo.

We’ll miss you, Bo Puppy. You were a good dog.



March 6, 2007
I'm sick.
And it sucks.
I'm supposed to have a shopping spree with JP tomorrow afternoon.
Unless I have a tag on my toe, I'm going.
Retail therapy – better than NyQuil any day.

Blessed Beginnings

March 1, 2007
Over a year ago, I wrote this post about a birth that I had attended.  That birth stands out in my mind and it's one of the ones I'll never forget.  It was hard, hard work and was really quite a disappointing experience for my client. Yes, she had a beautiful daughter, but there was nothing empowering about it.  In fact, the experience seemed to be disempowering for her. 
A few months ago, I was contacted by this client again as she was expecting their second child and wanted me to be her doula again.  Repeat clients are always special and I looked forward to being with her as she brought her child into the world.  We met once prenatally and talked about how her previous birth really did some emotional damage, how she couldn't really find anything positive about that birth, and with tears streaming down her face, we worked hard together to make a plan for this birth to be different.
The phone rang early yesterday morning – her water had broken 4 weeks earlier than expected!  We spoke about her options and I geared up for a long day and night ahead.  Her contractions started up nice and easy and she was handling things quite well.  So far so good. 
She called me to come to the hospital and I arrived around 3:45 or 4 pm to find her sitting on the birth ball, moaning low and rotating her hips through her contractions.  This was a huge change from her last labor which was spent entirely in bed!!  She was 3cm and going strong … and fast!  We moved and changed positions many times with two of my favorite nurses peeking in every now and then to sit quietly and observe our work.  This was moving fast and my client was doing sooo well. 
When she reached 6 cms, she decided she wanted an epidural.  What a great improvement from her previous birth!  Since she hadn't been hooked up to any fluids yet, she had to receive an entire bag of fluids prior to getting her epidural, so the IV was hooked up and away we went.  It was clear to me soon, however, that there would not be time for those fluids to go in much less time to get an epidural – my client was working hard and this baby was coming!  She requested the squat bar and we got it up and next thing we knew, my client was standing on the bed, holding onto the squat bar and pushing all on her own.  We managed to get her to sit down on the bed long enough for the doc to catch her beautiful 6lb 5oz son at 6pm over an intact perineum with no pain meds and completely under her own power.  Her placenta came out easily with a little traction 20 minutes later.
It's been a long time since I've been so moved by a birth.  It was such a blessing to see this family welcome their newest member.  Talking with my client afterwards, we both cried tears of joy as we realize that not only had she done it, she had accomplished all of her goals, even the ones she thought were pipe dreams.  She did it all on her own, her own way, and it was perfect.  As her baby enjoyed his first meal at his mother's breast, I could see all her wounds from her previous birth just heal and slip away.
Congratulations L & T, and welcome to the world Baby L!!
So, what do I know for sure now?  The same thing I've always known – Birth Works!
**Dedicated to my dear friend SS, who recently found out that she'll be adding a baby to her family this coming September.  Congratulations, Sweet Sister, on your pregnancy.  May your experience be nothing short of blessed.