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Nothing profound

September 30, 2006

I got nothing profound really to say, but there’s a lot of really neat-o things going on in my world as of late, so what the hell, eh?

Saw my nephew play football this morning. His team got slaughtered (53 -0 I think,) but man, let me just say that it was some sort of trip to watch the first baby I’ve ever loved playing out there. He’s a man now, a young man, of course, but a man. He looked damned good out there. It took my breath away to watch him get out of his pads and stand there, sweat curling his hair, and remember the little boy who used to have curly hair and smiles that melted my heart. I love that kid. He’s amazing. He’s special. There’s no other kid like him. And I like to think that I’m a little special to him, too. He’ll be 13 on Friday. I expect that I’ll call him from the beach or the Redwoods or somewhere equally as cool. NOTE TO SELF – Find out if he has a camera phone – I can send him a birthday picture from SF.

I saw this a couple of years ago, right when it first was broadcast. I had just heard of Mr. Ritchie then and it was the following Monday that I put Cocky on hold at the library. Had I know what an obsession I would have built, I would have paid more attention the first time. But, since I didn’t, I have been waiting 2 years for it to be rebroadcast. It came on today and I recorded it to DVD. My GAWD, what a good time. HW Jr is just amazing – the tribute to T-Top is so brilliant. B and I noted that it was nearly like church, watching these two work together. I also mentioned that it was the only kind of church that I would attend and, frankly, also mentioned that I probably would become a fundamentalist. It comes on again at 11 tonight. Might just invite Mr. Beam over and watch it again!

I met someone today. The someone is special to someone in my life. I’m not going to comment very much, but before you ask, yeah, he’s alright. Reminds me a bit of my own B.

JM Bill sent me a text message from Greece. And, to JMB, yeah, baby, I hear you about the beaches. I’ve never been to a beach like that, but the Rainbow Gatherings are much the same. Clothes are over rated. SO glad you’re having a blast.

Stealth has a cold. Poor baby. Didn’t get much sleep at all last night. Neither did I.

The new camera kicks ass, for a point and shoot, anyway. Great purchase!

I miss JP something fierce. It’s been nearly a month since we’ve seen each other. Might as well be a year. It hurts when I am away from someone I love for so long. I MUST get together with her when I return from SF.

I’ve made myself another bag to take to SF. I intentionally made it a little more colorful than I normally like because I think I need to break out of my own mold. But of course, I now run the risk of T trying to take it from me on the flight because it is purple. Hmmmmmm…….

Better go felt that now!!


I need to take Ginko to get through bedtime

September 29, 2006
We have a routine with the boys at bedtime.  I’m a firm believer in establishing family rituals (cutting the head of chickens will not be in this post.  That’s on my other blog.  heh heh heh. You decide if I’m joking….)  As I was saying, I think that rituals help to bond the family together, so we have lots of them.
The primary one, however, is bedtime.
Every night, the kids brush their teeth and B and I tuck them into their beds.  I climb onto Duck’s bed and B climbs onto Stealth’s and we have a little talk.  Then we switch beds and I talk to Stealth while B talks to Duck.  I don’t know what B talks about with the boys, but I always ask them the same 2 questions:  "What was your favorite part about today?," and "What are you going to dream about tonight?"  I like it.  It ends the day talking about positive aspects of our life (gratitude) as well as thinking optimistically about the future (hell, 2 hours from the time they fall asleep is in the future, isn’t it?)
Anyway, after that, we say goodnight.  Or well, we used to say goodnight.  And then something happened in the universe and the kids starting morphing "Goodnight" into some sort of cryptic code to, perhaps, signal the mothership. 
It used to be "Good Night!"
Now, it’s:
"Good Night"
"Night Nighty"
"Shine Nighty"
"Bill Nighty"
"Ararat Nighty"
"Sick Nighty"
"Soup Nighty"
And, no, it’s not pick or choose, not multiple choice.  Nope, it’s all of them at once.  Yes oh yes, I have to say all of them in a list.
I’m too old to remember this stuff.  If you need me tomorrow, you can find me in the supplement aisle.  I’ll need to stock up before bedtime tomorrow.

What the world needs now

September 28, 2006
Free Hugs. 
Take the time to watch, eh?  Turn on your speakers – it’s 3 and a half minutes of healing for us all.


September 26, 2006
It’s a gorgeous day.  80 degrees and it’s nearly October.  We’ve been really enjoying the weather lately.  Sunday B and I took the boys for a hike.  I really felt how blessed I am to have such a wonderful loving family. Yesterday I took the boys bike riding and then to the playground.  Today I plan on washing all the linens and letting them dry on the line.  Nothing like fresh sheets for a good nights sleep.
J.M.Bill is off in Greece.  If I didn’t love her so much, I’d call her a bitch.  Greece really agrees with her and her Mr., so I hope they live it up.  Might be the last time they make it there – not exactly as easy to get there from Botswana.  The challenge is put on hold for a few days.  She’ll return approximately 36 hours before I leave for San Francisco.  Sheesh.  I’m gonna have to make a note to myself about her challenge and my own!  Anyway, JMB and Mr. JMB, eat some olives for me, eh?  And JMB?  Enjoy those Greeks.  😉
I really really really love getting rid of crap that just drags you down.  It’s so refreshing to be able to say, "um, yeah, no more for me, thanks" and move on.  The cleanest day of your house is the day you take out the trash.  Been making several trips to the curb lately and have been enjoying the benefits enormously.  And I’m not speaking literally.
I’ve been knitting and designing up a storm lately.  It’s so nice to look around the house and know that we’ll never be cold and it’s all from my own two hands.  Pretty nice when folks pay me for it, too. 
Duck has been doing multiplication lately.  Unreal.  The kid is 6 years old.  Anyway, it’s just starting, but it’s nearly all he thinks about, all he talks about.  Lovely.
Speaking of Duck, I’m so excited for his yoga class to start.  It will be so good for him.
Stealth.  I haven’t mentioned much about Stealth lately, but it’s mostly because every day it’s something new with him.  He’s amazing.  I remember how wonderful 4 years old is. 
I’m so thrilled to be able to be home with the boys and to be their primary teacher.  It astounds me what the public schools are *not* teaching.  I saw on the local news the other day that there is a new program out there aimed at getting all children reading by 3rd grade.  THIRD GRADE!!!!  Are you kidding me?  Now, of course, I’m all about kids learning to do things on their own schedule. I’m fully aware of folks who didn’t learn to read until well later than most and they turned out just fine and well, but come on!  Can you imagine how bored some kids will be in class?  In a neighbor town, the first grade there are focusing on a letter a day.  A letter a day.  A few numbers here and there, but mostly they are learning how to function in a machine and they are learning a letter a day.  Duck is already reading chapter books.  We’re so lucky to be able to homeschool the kids – they’d be bored to death.
B is hard at work doing more framing.  I love seeing him work late into the night.  Lights burning in his shop, music playing, him doing what he does best.  He’s so talented it makes me teeth sweat just thinking about it.
DDFF, wanna grab a cuppa soon and do some knitting?  I’d love to see that market bag you’re working on.
VJ, sistah, I’ll be seeing you soon.  I can’t wait.  xoxoxo
Life is just so juicy good right now.  LOVE it.


September 22, 2006

PSA: If you’re going to share music, please please please please please be damned sure you know what the hell you’re talking about! I downloaded a song that I was very excited about a while back (one of my favorite songs covered by one of my favorite bands) and just got around to listening to it. The moron who shared it clearly had no idea what he was talking about. Sure, the organ sounds a lot like Ray Manzarek, but the vocal clearly isn’t Jim Morrison. It is undeniably the very popular version of the song by The Animals. It’s an amazing song, don’t get me wrong, but for the love of all that is holy, don’t label it as “The House of the Rising Sun by The Doors” unless you want me flying to Romania and kicking your ass.

On that same note, I love love love that song. It reminds me of my Dad. He used to play it on the guitar when I was a little girl. In fact, I first thought that the song was Amazing Grace ’cause that’s how Dad always used to sing it. Don’t believe me? Go head, try it. “There is a house in New Orleans” = “Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound.” The whole freaking song fits. Frankly, it’s the only way I like Amazing Grace. Says a lot about how I came to be the way I am – learned “Amazing Grace” to a tune about a whore house. Anyway, my Dad turned me onto a lot of great music and I’m really grateful to him for that.

Storm warnings. Yeah. Hate it when they’re not in my county and yet the interrupt the one TV show I watch during the day. I swear, they couldn’t have done it 5 minutes earlier when some stupid Entertainment show was on? Honestly, who gives a flying how do you do about who is screwing who, who’s wearing what? WHO CARES? And the storm hadn’t even come close to hitting yet! C’mon, folks!

One of the other TV shows that I watch premiered last night, though, and I seriously hurt myself laughing. The Office. OH MY SWEET CHEEKS, that was hysterical!!! I was skeptical when it came out a couple of years ago – it couldn’t possibly be as good as the British version, could it? BUT, I’m here to say, it may very well be the best TV show on the air. Period.

In 2 weeks, I’ll be in San Francisco! I leave in 13 days and am sooooooooo looking forward to it. I think I’m going to have to have some sort of serious sedative with me, though, because I’ve never been away from my family for that long. I’m going to miss B and the boys so much. But, um, not that much. WAHOO! Mama’s going on vacation!!! Staying 1 night in The Mission, 3 nights right inside Chinatown. Hitting Golden Gate park, the redwoods, the beach, stores and stores and the burning man festival, but Oh, what a pleasure and blessing it will be to see my VJ get hitched!!!!!! Note to self – get B to the store and buy new camera.

Took the boys to the biggest playground in town this morning. We were the only folks there, which was kind of sad because they like playing with other kids, but it was a great way to start the day! Love it.

I should never ever ever make chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips again. I eat way too many of them. Horrible, I tell you.

Got an email from a former boyfriend the other day. He’s still hot and still the same guy he’s always been. You ladies in Chicago, you’re missing out! I’m so glad I moved on from him, but I’m also still so glad we’re still friends. Seriously, ladies. There’s still a good one out there!

J.M. Bill, the tea is rockin’ my world. Thanks!


BUT on the wonderful side of things –

September 22, 2006

Duck learned how to tie his shoes yesterday!  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


and another one –

September 22, 2006

"Mom, I don’t like this kind of chicken.  It looks like flavored dog poop!"


Of course!

September 21, 2006
"What happened to my lovely Duck, the one who was patient and paid attention to me and didn’t ignore me and followed directions?  I miss him so much, where did he go?"
"Maybe he went to Paris, Mom.  Yep. He went to Paris."


September 18, 2006
To the alcoholic in my life who is celebrating 2 years of sobriety today!  I love you and I’ve never been more proud of a human being in my entire life.  You are an inspiration.

This morning I woke up and walked into the living …

September 17, 2006
This morning I woke up and walked into the living room to find Duck standing at the front picture window and looking out the curtains.
"Good morning, Sweet Duck, what are you doing?"
"I’m talking to Eisenhower’s spirit."
"You mean, the spirit of Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower?"
"Yep.  I also want to talk to the people who dug his grave, but I don’t know where they are.  So I’m gonna stick with talking to Ike."
You just never know what a Sunday morning will bring in my house.