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KOHLEIDOSCOPE has a new site!

November 22, 2008

Due to some recent events and lots of new designs, I created a new site for my work.  Set up as a photoblog, each piece gets it’s own page!

It’s still under construction, but is open to viewing.  Click on Archives to browse around and the drop down menu for filtering by dates is active.

Pop on by!



Avoid Black Friday – shop for yourself now!!

November 19, 2007

Here it is – finally, it’s good to go – Kohliedoscope’s Holiday Hoorah!

Okay here we go. Everything is  hand knitted (much of it with yarn that I’ve spun myself,) and felted in my basement. Each item is one of a kind – duplicates are impossible due to the natures of the yarns, etc. Some are totally crazy, but you know, totally crazy folks need hats, too.

All Ozark Handspun yarn that you see featured is from 2005-2006.

Starting with Hats:

Mary Tyler Mauve
Wool and Soy Silk

From Kohliedoscope…

Foil Swan
Named ’cause it’s leftover yarn from Velma’s wedding shrug I designed for her.
Wool, Mohair, and Silk

Orange Blossom Special
Wool and Mohair

And moving on to Handbags

Sugar Sugar
Wool and Mohair
14″ x 11.5″ with 10″ handles

Forever in Blue Jeans
Wool & Mohair
13.5″ x 10″ with 8″ handles

Strawberry Basket
Wool and Mohair
15″ x 7″ with 9″ handles

Teals for Reals
Wool and Mohair
9″ x 10″ with shoulder strap (very slightly off center strap so it will stay on your shoulder!!! Can be work cross body as messenger bag.)

And a few CLEARANCE items…

Purple Passion – lined, not felted
Acrylic and Cotton
9″ x 9″ with plastic handles

Wool & Mohair
10″ x 10″ approx. with shoulder strap and flap

100% wool
9″ x 9″ with shoulder strap

Contact me if you are interested in anything.