I’m so nervous, I feel like I’m gonna puke on my sandals

June 25, 2007

I just dropped my Hanka Hanka Burnin’ Love off at the animal hospital.  Although he’s acting so much better this morning, he’s still not right.  He’s still laying around, he’s still limping, he’s still not playing fetch or running or anything.

Of course, Hank was too freaked out and in pain to be examined fully.  And, well, he is huge, so it’s not like they can manhandle him (or that I would want them to.)

The vet took him for a walk around and said, “Wow, you’re right – he does seem to be limping on both sides!”  And then she mentioned the most terrifying words a dog owner can hear – Hip Dysplasia (okay, Parvovirus might be more horrific than Hip Dysplasia, but not by much.)  Since he’s so big (83 lbs 9oz of solid muscle,thankyouverymuch,) they decided that they cannot x-ray him without putting him under anesthesia.  And, of course, anesthesia comes with risks and tests and other stuff going on….

I called B and gave him the price estimates for the least expensive treatment (pain pills) and the full work up (pre-anesthesia blood work, heartworm check, anesthesia, 3 x-rays, tendon exam, nail exam, nail trim, removal of his damaged dew claw, pain pills, etc.) and we discussed what should be done.  And then I heard my husband say the words that a dog owner loves to hear, “I don’t care what it costs – we’re not losing this dog because of money.  He’s there, we have the money, I don’t have a problem paying for it.  I’d rather have Hank than a new deck any day.”

And I handed my Hanky Baby over.  He’ll be held until 2pm and then they’ll do the blood work, anesthesia, and x-rays.  They will call me when the procedures are done and we’ll take it from there.   By the end of the day, I’ll be writing a check for $400+ to my vet, but at least we’ll know something.


Cross your fingers, folks. 

And send beer.

One comment

  1. Poor Hank! Poor Mama Kohl! Sending lots of healing vibes his way & calming vibes your way!


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