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Isn’t she cute??? Hrmmmm

November 30, 2007

Adorable Kellie Pickler … poor sweet emtpy headed Kellie Pickler.

At least her dress is smart looking


Not exactly what I wanted to do on a free night

November 29, 2007

The boys are most likely going to be gone tonight.  The Office is on tonight.  I could REALLY use a free night with my man.

Know what I’m gonna be doing?

Buying a new freaking stove.  Yes, indeed, ours has officially bit the dust.

Awesome, eh? I mean, who doesn’t want to go and shell out $500 for a new stove right before Christmas?

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


Sold – Purple Passion and Mary Tyler Mauve

November 27, 2007

Thanks, L!!!  I adore you.  And I really appreciate the extra donation to Invisible Children.  You, my friend, Rock!


Music of the Moment

November 26, 2007

Currently, I’m in love with this

Go listen to it now. You can thank me later.


What I know for sure — today, anyhow

November 26, 2007

Mrs. Dash is not salt. It’s just not. It’s not bad, it’s actually quite good, but it’s not salt. Elvis help any of you who mistakenly think that it’s gonna taste like salt. It doesn’t. ‘Cause it’s not.

Conquering Mt. Laundry has to be right up there with conquering Everest.

Vinegar & Water is the only household cleaner you need. Well, okay, maybe throw some baking soda in there, too, but for the most part, Vinegar and Water will do. I scrubbed my whole house with it yesterday – including my hardwood floors – and was amazed. It completely and totally cleaned *everything* and got rid of the Mystery Funk that has been hanging around. And nope, doesn’t smell like vinegar.

Dogs must be related to pigs because mine is such a ham. Check out the attempt at a self portrait of me and the boys —

When your body gains 3 pounds even though you are working out and eating well, there must be a reason. Give it a week – those three pounds usually land exactly where you need them. Badonkadonk.

I can, indeed, look like Carol Brady circa 1972. Well, Carol Brady if she somehow mated with Joey Ramone. Totally tamed down do in this picture — usually it’s very piece-y and shaggy and very mod / punk ish …. FUN. Regardless, still, its’ Carol Brady on Acid.

Okay, so the back isn’t long, but believe me, the front of my hair does the little flip when I allow it to.  Gotta love new haircuts. Think I’ll keep this one for awhile.  (Okay, Bill, there’s your pics.  Happy now?)

Putting a dryer vent cut out thingy majiggy in our laundry room was one of the smartest things we’ve done.  All that hot moist air comes through the dryer, instead of it all going outside and warming up the backyard, it now vents into our play room!  I swear, it raises the temp in the basement by at least 10° when the dryer is running.  AHHHHHHHHH.  And yes, I used the word moist.  ick.  At least it wasn’t “I got some moist salve on my slacks because I couldn’t find the ointment.” heh

After nearly 9 years, it’s hard to find that hot sexy man that made me shimmy in my shorts beneath all the dirty socks and dishes, bedtime farts, and muddy boot tracks through my kitchen.  Hearing, “What color iPhone do you want for Christmas, Baby?” helps a lot.  Helps even more when I say, “Well, maybe we should just get the iPod Touch” and he says, “Cool, iPod touch and what else???”  😀

Hope Brady, a character on my beloved Days of Our Lives (shut up,) is really starting to piss me off.

I miss Jason and I want him to come play.

It’s hard to knit something I’m supposed to be knitting when I’m supposed to be knitting it in acrylic yarn.  I HATE acrylic yarn — but shit, it’d cost me a mortgage payment to make it in cashmere.

My fingers are nearly all healed up, except the ring finger.  It’s still very sore and swollen and, although it’s healing, I can still see the vein.

People who constantly repeat themselves … sweet mary, I heard you the first time already. SHUT IT, eh?

I’m thinking Gift Cards are the most amazing and magical gifts of the season.   Or, at least I hope to convince the recipients of my holiday gifts as much.

It’s hard to really enjoy a good beer when you know the nutritional values of said beer.

Seeing things without emotion makes everything so very clear.

Paper snowflakes don’t make themselves.  Ta ta



November 24, 2007

I’m aware that the fighting has ceased in Uganda.  I know I wrote as if it continues to this day.

The effects of the war, however, are on going.  So while the children are no longer being stolen from their homes, the fact is that they still have so little and so many are still missing – it’s as if they are continuing to be asaulted.  By donating to Invisible Children, we help provide a future for these children – education, economy, etc.


Look Purty, Feel Great

November 24, 2007

I’m posting this in addition to my post about the children in Uganda so that the readers who use feed readers can get this post, too.

We all wonder what we can do and how we can help. We all should do some part, whatever it may be.  As for my part,

I will donate 15% of all Kohleidoscope sales

from today until December 15th to Invisible


Every little bit helps.  Please help if you can.



November 24, 2007

We all bitch about things – it’s in our nature. But really, how important are the things we complain about?

Not very important in the grand scheme of things.

Please take a moment and watch this little You Tube video of Fall Out Boy’s
I’m Like a Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You

The crimes being committed in Uganda are unforgivable.  They are our brothers and sisters who are being stolen from their homes and ripped from their families. They are our sons and daughters who are stolen into the night and never seen again.  We are all one.

We should all take a moment and put things in perspective. Help out if you can.


And it begins

November 24, 2007

The Holiday Hokey Pokey started yesterday morning. Most people go shopping – here at Mamakohl’s place, we have visitors. I never shop on Black Friday ’cause I’m always hanging out with folks from all over who knows where – like this lovely lady:

This is my long long time friend, S. We met when I was 13 and she was 16 and, although we lead very different lives, we have stayed friends ever since. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding a zillion years ago and we have sons the same age. S made it in to MO from TX for a surprise Thanksgiving with her folks and we met yesterday afternoon for a late lunch (had to be late ’cause B’s uncle came up for quite some time, too.) This picture is after 4 hours of good food, good wine, and wonderful conversation. Not sure when I’ll see S again, but it was lovely spending some time with her.

By the time we finished up with our “lunch,” it was clear that I was going to miss all chances of working out last night, so I came home and found my kids waiting at the door begging to put up the tree. Now, see, last year I set my own personal record for putting my tree up early. It was done the first week of December (okay, maybe the 2nd week – who remembers?) and I thought, well hell, that’s okay. This year, however, my kids are all into decorations. EVERYTHING must be decorated for every holiday. It’s called “Getting ready for …xyz.” And when my in-laws brought up their xmas tree approximately .00578 seconds after all the extra guests left Thanksgiving diner, I could tell the kids would be all over it. And last night, I put the music on Erzulie and we decorated our little tree (it’s tiny, it’s fake – and we love it.)

(That’s Stealth with a stocking on his head)

Even Hankypants got in on the action…

And just for good measure, he’s a couple of my guys…

Riding around on John Deere (another strange thing with my kids, everything must be named,) picking up leaves. It snowed the next day. You’ll notice that Stealth and B have the same outstanding fashion sense.

A big ol’ pile of Kohl.


SOLD — AHOY!!!!~

November 21, 2007

Thanks, Hope.