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Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2005

In a few short hours, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2005 and hello to 2006. UNREAL. The years go by faster and faster as time goes by. This has been an amazing year for me and my family. Some of it has sucked, to be sure, but overall, I cannot complain. Afterall, we are all still here, we are all still together, we are all still out of jail. That spells success to me!

B and I will be leaving our house in a couple of hours and going to the town where we both lived as teenagers. I think we will win the strangest cargo contest – we’ll be toting along a suitcase entitled “Traveling to Grandma’s,” a bowl of Ceasar salad, a spinning wheel, 2 children, an overnight bag, a huge bottle of bourbon, 22 skeins of handspun yarn, and probably 4 fishing poles and 2 tackle boxes. Say what you will about a minivan – just try to load that shit into a Corvette.

After we drop the kidlets off at Grandma’s, we’ll be having dinner with David, his wife Terri, Velma, and some friends of theirs. It will be very interesting because, you see, the house where we’ll be eating is the same house in which I fell in lust with B 12 years ago. Velma and I used to sit on her porch and watch 20 year old B climb out of his VW bus (shirtless, no less,) and run into the house he rented just 2 doors down from Velma’s. The house holds magic, I’m certain.

Then off to the gala of the year (at least for us old parental types,) the NY’sE bash at Jill My Bill’s (someday I’ll post about why I call her that – but that’s another time.) This could be amazing, it could bomb, we just don’t know. What I do know is that I am looking forward to spending the last few minutes of this year and the first few of the new one with old friends and the ever present reminder that the old cheesy song is true, ” Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

If I survive, I’ll post pictures.

To all of you – Happy New Year. May you all stay out of jail, may you all stay on the road, may all of you have someone to kiss at midnight (even if it’s just Johnny Depp on your TV,) and may all your dreams come true!



House of Blues

December 30, 2005

Music has always been an essential part of my life.  It’s always around me.  It’s about as important to me as air, sex, food, family, and friends.  As a result, I made a decision the minute the stick showed two lines with Duck that my children would live a  life of music.  I wouldn’t force it on the, for there is no more certain way to make them loathe it.  But I would surround them with music, give them opportunities to try their hands at it.  Music would not just be that thing that you hear when you’re on hold – music would be a way of life.

And, fortunately for me, my kids have jumped into music with both feet.  They love to listen to it, to try to figure out what they are hearing, pick out each instrument.  They love learning about famous musicians (Duck went about 6 months of obsessing over Stevie Wonder,) they love learning about the different types of music.  They love it.  And now they are wanting to learn to play instruments.  Awesome.
They take Kindermusik classes and love them.  Stealth loves to hear the music and is learning about different instruments.  He has resonator bars, jingle bells, and a shaker from his classes and he brings them out all the time.  This coming semester, I believe he gets a drum.  Duck has the resonator bars and a Glockenspiel.  He’s learning to read music.  At  5 years old, he can identify A, C, and F on a musical staff.  He can repeat rhythms and create rhythms and write them out.  So cool.
For Christmas, we requested a lot of musical instruments.  I’m not one of those Mom’s who refuse to buy my kids noisy toys – bring it on!  I love hearing them trying to compose their own symphony.  Anyway, the boys were gifted with many wonderful things and I believe we have enough to start a band.  They have a tambourine, symbols, a keyboard, a mixer (like DJ’s use at clubs – it’s a riot,) a recorder (the flute type things we all played in 2nd grade,) an accordion (yes, you read that right,) and a harmonica, in addition to the instruments listed earlier.
So, if you’re looking for some good tunes, come on by Mamakohl’s House of Blues.  I’m sure it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget!


December 30, 2005

Yesterday I saw a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in over 10 years. Well, actually, I saw her 9 years ago, but she was in a funk and so was I, so it doesn’t even count ’cause we barely spoke to each other. Surely I’ve done worse (RELAX, freakshow, it’s FINE!!!) We went to Shakespeare’s and gorged ourselves on pizza and beer with her hunky, delightful, Dutch husband and her amazingly grown up little brother who I still see in my head as being 11 years old, although he’s out of college now. Did I mention the beer? That would explain the ridiculous look on our faces – and this terribly lame and pathetic post.

I laughed so hard yesterday, I thought I might ruin my jeans. Good friends stay good friends, regardless of miles between you or years since your last visit. Jill is a good friend and has an amazing stash of local gossip although she lives in freaking Ireland!

She brought the kiddies toys! HOORAY! And she brought me a huge stash of yarn from her local yarn shop in Cork. I cannot imagine what I’m going to do with it.

I’ll be seeing Jill again tomorrow night for the big ol’ New Year’s Eve cocktail party – along with about 20 or so other folks I haven’t seen since I crossed the threshold into my 20’s. It’s going to be a blast and B is even humoring me enough to come along, although it will be agonizing for him. Soon, she’ll be off to Botswana. But I’m sure I’ll be hearing from her – she’s supposed to be sending my kids a monkey. Posted by Picasa



December 28, 2005


  • Happy Birthday, my brother.  Sincerely.  It’s my brother’s 35th birthday.  Tear it up.
  • Having the flu at Christmas sucks ass.  Getting it the day after Christmas is better.  Marginally.
  • Ex lovers who have remained friends will just have to understand if I don’t answer the phone.  You’re on my time, baby (but, I do wish we could have met up – you still have to meet the boys!)
  • When you buy clothes, but regret spending the money, life smiles on you and the clothes don’t fit or they make you look like a grandma or like you’re a grandma trying to be 19, so you take them back and get your cash in return!  It’s awesome – you get the rush of shopping, but you never lose the dough!
  • Sometimes you find the perfect pair of embroidered distressed jeans – and no need for returns.
  • My husband knows me better than I know myself.  He proved it this year at Christmas.  I’m a lucky woman.  And, damn, the man has great taste!  Thanks, B.  You outdid yourself.
  • Playing Candy Land with your kids is more fun than it was when you played it yourself as a child.
  • There is nothing more valuable than friendships.  They should be insured and cared for more than jewels and property.
  • It is hard to enjoy a good stretch in my life when others who I care about are struggling.
  • 4 inch wool fibers are infinitely more difficult to spin than 6 inch fibers.  That size doesn’t matter stuff is bullshit.
  • Think before you speak and I will try to do the same.
  • Never underestimate the power of an electric slot car track to tear grown men away from their wives at Christmas.  Seriously, I don’t know if that track was for Stealth and Duck or for B and Uncle B!!  SIL D, maybe you should buy one for your house, too.
  • Want your partner to agree to re-decorating the bedroom?  Get a fancy new silk quilt as a gift.  Viola! It’ll even be his idea.
  • Shakespeare’s Pizza is the best pizza (maybe second only to BeauJo’s in Colorado Springs.)  Having Shake’s with an old friend only makes it that much better.  (Can’t wait, Jill My Bill.)
  • Starting the new year surrounded by friends and family and optimism can only result in good things.
  • ESPD is a great guy.  Having met him in person twice now, I only grow fonder of him.  Thank you, Mr. , for understanding that my girl can take care of herself, but for taking care of her anyway.   You two are a good pair, even if she does put holes in your nuts.  (
  • Taking a break from blogging makes it hard to get back on the horse.


December 28, 2005

So, this morning I woke up and looked down at my bed and smiled. I was wrapped up in something beautiful – a new silk quilt made for my by Velma. She told me the story of the quilt, the story of the squares and how she came upon all these lovely little silks. It’s called “Conversations” and I cannot think of anything more appropriate. The quilt reminds me a little of the picture to the left. It’s bright and beautiful, just like Velma, and I love it – just as I love her.

Thanks, VJ. Posted by Picasa


Quote of the YEAR!!

December 23, 2005

Okay, folks, just in time.  Here it is:

"As long as I can keep my penis on my body, I’ll be rich!!!"
          – Duck, 12/22/05

And so it was …

December 20, 2005

So here sit 4 tired, crabby boys. The twins and their mama come by for a visit today and all of the 4 billion Thomas the Tank Engine friends came out, as did the Bob the Builder stuff, and the game of Upwords, until finally, a movie won out.

It was a nice visit. My friend announced that she is expecting their last child in April – a girl!

It’s always a little strange visiting with this particular group of folks – especially in my house. My friend has many degrees, her husband is an attorney and a partner in a prestigious law firm in Houston. They have money. They have a nice house and nice jewels and nice nice nice. We are hippies. We are artists. We have a small house that needs work, Bob Marley blasting from the stereo, spinning wheels and mat cutters and yarn and beads everywhere. My friends have more room in their bedroom closet than I have for a kitchen AND dining area combined. They are nice and polite and we are earthy and free spirited. The great thing about this is that we still deeply care about each other (I was a bridesmaid in her wedding,) and our differences have never out shown our similarities. BUT, as they tip toe around my house, trying to figure out where to sit (is there room to sit??) it’s hard to not feel inferior. They are always loving and kind and have never once passed judgment on me, but wow, different worlds.

Then I see my kids and know that they will not be going to daycare. I see my house and know that the curtains were made by me, that the fuzz on the floor is from my art. I see my family and how we fit perfectly into our little house. There’s not much room for any more – any one else or anything else – but we don’t need anything more than we already have. Our home keeps us together. It keeps us safe. It keeps us.

Our family, our house, our lifestyle may not be conventional -but I’ve never wanted to be conventional. I’ve wanted to be comfortable. And screw anything that says otherwise.

Merry Christmas, M, S, R, & J (and new baby girl.) May you all get exactly what you want and may you always want exactly what you get.

All my love,
That strange liberal hippie chick with the nose ring and wild sons who live in a breadbox. Posted by Picasa


the twins are coming

December 20, 2005

The twins are coming today, along with their mama, my dear friend.  And for a brief second or two, their father and grandfather as well.  I haven’t seen these folks since my friend was 6 months pregnant with the twins – it’s been 4 years!

Of course, the basement won’t keep any heat, which sucks eggs ’cause there’s a huge playroom down there that would be perfect for 4 little boys to destroy, but these folks are from Texas and might find a 60 degree playroom a little cold.
So, they can destroy the upstairs.  Can’t do anything worse than I’ve already seen.
I’m so excited to see them!!

Yummy OM

December 19, 2005


I love this book. It’s full of simple yet deep meditations. Read them one at a time, read them all at once. Read them from beginning to end, read them at random. Works blissfully along with a daily physical yoga practice, but without one, too. Even if you cannot stretch your body, you can stretch you mind!

Check it out Posted by Picasa



December 19, 2005
Last night was my husband’s company Christmas party.  This morning, I am hungover.  Not terribly.   Not sick or spinny or sweaty or anything.  Just ugh.  The kind of ugh that makes you want to eat 47 Taco Bell bean burritos and drink orange juice until your bladder thinks it’s vacationing in Boca Raton.  The kind of ugh that makes you want to sit on your butt and rediscover America’s love affair with Bob Barker.
I had to pick my children up this morning at 7:15.  Which means I had to leave my house at 6:55.
I’m too old for this.  I had forgotten.  But it was a hell of a lot of fun trying to remember.
Flights land today for my friend VJ, and for my friend Susan and her family.  Susan has twin boys about a month older than Stealth.  It’s gonna be a busy week.