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The King and I

October 12, 2008

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sitting in my office drinking a beer and listening to B.B, King and Eric Clapton.  It’s been a good day, so I’m just going to ride with the king.

Ya’ll know that I’m a naturalist for the most part.  I did cloth diapers (although admittedly not exclusively,) I prefer to make as opposed to buy, I don’t like to consume things or slather myself with things I cannot pronouce.  As much as I am a naturalist, however, I am foremost a mosquito hater.  Loather.  Plotter.  Oh man, I cannot tell you how much I hate those little fuckers.  We are planning on putting up several purple martin houses next year, but until then, we are screwed.  It’s been so bad that we hate to even send the kids out to play in our yard and the weather has been just glorious lately.  This afternoon, however, B went to the store and came back with Off! Smooth and Dry.  I almost fell over when I tried it.  It completely lives up to it’s claims.  It keeps the bugs off.  It dries in an instant to a true powder dry finish, and it smells … well, it smells an awful lot like my hair care products.  If you are getting eaten up, give it a try.

B and I took the kids and Hank out for a hike today.  We went to Rocky Fork and had a blast.  There were a zillion and twelve little butterflies flying everywhere in all sorts of different colors.  Lots of wildflowers and birds still making things all purty.  Duck lead the group, as always, and I think we probably hiked around 3 or 4 miles.  B caught a very nice bass in one of the little lakes and Hank cut his tongue eating some new wild grass or something.  He’s currently pooped out, laying at my feet.  That’s 2 or 3 weeks in a row now that I’ve gone hiking on Sunday afternoon – Love it.  I was thinking about how, when B and I first got together 9.5 years ago, we used to go to this same place.  Back then, I would get winded and worn out and ready for a break by the time we were 15m inutes into the hike.  This time, however, we hiked for close to 2 hours and I never even broke a sweat, never felt my heart rate rise, never ever needed a break.  I’m so much healthier now than I was then and that, my friends, is an amazing thing to realize.  Call me Pinot, only getting better with age.

My Mom gave us an early Zenmas present last week: a Wii Fit.  She recently got herself a Wii and, when she got herself the FIT, got us one, too.  Now, let me tell you, this is the most amazing little gadget in the world.  Seriously, there are so many gaming systems out there, but none of them compare to the Wii.  So, back to the Fit.  I just cannot tell you how much I love this thing.  It does yoga.  It does aerobics. It does balance training.   It does strength training, and it even provides you with a trainer.  My kids love it.  Hell, my husband loves it!  And it’s not for pansies, let me tell you.  Nintendo, you rock!

I’m working on this gauntlets right now that remind me so much of Breakfast at Tiffany’s I can barely stand it.  What girl hasn’t wanted to be Audrey Hepburn at some point in her life?  To freaking bad they aren’t for me.  Will I ever knit for myself again?

I heart Facebook.

My affirmation for today was “Abundance is my natural state.”  I had to laugh — that fits on soooooooooo many levels.

JFL is all braggin about eating brownies.  Remind me to put some arsenic in his pancakes.

I had a dream the other night that I was covered in tattoos.  I had this full length Japanese style tattoo down my spine and my arms were covered in black inkwork. I woke and, since I sleep with a sleep mask, I didn’t really see anything.  I said aloud, “Oh please please please let it be true.” When I took the mask off and saw that, in fact, it had only been a dream, I actually shed a tear of disappointment.  Sweet Holy Moses on Toast, I love tattoos.  So, we start phase two of the tattoo shrug soon – designing the next big piece.  It will be about the same size as the one on my right arm and will be in the same style and same placement on my left arm.  I know what the focal point will be.  I just need to get B drawing.  I’m thinking I’ll have it done in February.  Eventually, both arms will be sleeved and then there will be one gigantic piece across my shoulders in the back connecting it all.  I get all tingly just thinking about it!

That’s it for tonight, ya’ll.  Have a blessed week!


Weekend FUN!

October 6, 2008

After a long and sad week, I decided it was time to get out and have some fun!  This weekend happened to be the Roots Blues and BBQ festival and, while I didn’t feel up to wild adventure that was last year’s festival, I did want to go for a bit and take the kids.  We had a blast!

Then JFL came to visit and we went for a hike at the Pinnacles and then just tooled around


Auntie Vera says

September 22, 2008


Now, go get me a pack of Virgina Slims and some schnapps.


I said NOW.

Fine, fuck it, just go eat your damned cake.