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Happeh Birfday tu Meeez!

April 15, 2009

It’s been a wonderful day so far.  A zillion gorgeous roses last night, sleeping in, coffee in bed, yummy breakfast (bacon, eggs, biscuits,) wireless desktop set, zillions of birthday wishes.  We’re going on a hike soon, and we’ll have dinner out.    There are cupcakes to be eaten and I’m gonna splurge and get myself some NA beer, and maybe we’ll have a fire tonight.  Sushi on Saturday with DDFF, new (to me) van in the next two days and personalized plates coming, too.  YIPPEE!!

I’m smiling ear to ear – it’s great to be alive!



April 9, 2009

I got a text from my sister last night commenting that she was surprised that I haven’t pimped out my birthday yet here on the blog.  It’s been my style to make countdowns and reminders and all of that.  Birthdays are important to me.  Always have been, always will be.  This year, however, it seems a bit different. This year, I’m different.

In less than a week, I’ll be 33.  I am so excited about it it’s silly!  I don’t really know why for sure, but I am almost 100% positive that it’s because of the number.  33 is really an amazing number!

3 is the Magic Number, of course, and there’s 2 of them!

I love all numbers that are divisible by 11.

33 is fun to write, to type, and to say.

3 is a very yogic number.  Typically, in a yoga practice, you are supposed to do things in 3’s with the ideal number being 108.  Now, I don’t often do things 108 times (read: never,) but I can totally dig 3 times.  It feels holy, like my own version of the holy trinity.

If you are Christian (which I am not,) it’s believed that Jesus was 33 when he was crucified (very timely what with Easter coming up.)  So that was pretty much the starting place, right?  The time of redemption for all Christians?

Yeah, I kind of feel like I’m in that kind of mode, in a time of redemption, overhaul, complete change, and from here forward, all things will be different.  I’m changing, I’m growing, I’m shedding, I’m living, I’m breathing, I’m stretching, I’m learning, I’m feeling, I’m believing.  I’m redeeming… myself.

I’m doing yoga all the time.

I’m meditating and journaling all the time, too.

I cut off all my hair.

I cut out the drama.

I cut out the booze and the smoke – for life.  I’ve been totally sober for quite some time now.  Shocker, I know (big changes, I’m saying!)

I’m learning to be soft.

I really like pink and feminine things and don’t feel it’s a crime to like those along with loud music and black tattoos.

It makes perfect sense to me to find the answer by turning myself upside down and looking at my feet.  Downdog, baby, downdog.

I have no tolerance for violence and find anger to be such a waste of energy.

33 — 11 times the Magic in that number.  I’m ready, bring it.

and yes, I’m still accepting gifts.  😉


Better late than never

October 8, 2008

Yesterday, Hank the Amazing Wonder Dog, ambassador to all peanut butter addicts of the canine species, turned 3 years old!

Happy Birthday, Hankybritches.  I love you!


Hey Hey It’s VJ’s Day!!!

June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday my dear sweet sister Velma!  30 is amazing!  Congratulations for making it this far — it only gets better and better from here.

Time and Tide wait for no man,
but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.
Robert Frost

Everyone hop on over to Velma’s site and wish her a VERY HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!


Bitch bitch bitch, Yay Yay Yay

April 7, 2008

I haven’t felt like blogging lately. Some things are better left unshared. I’m actually learning to keep my mouth shut a lot more as I age. Not everything has to be put on a billboard. But, since I know many of you get worried when I get quiet, I’m fine, I’m busy, I’m thinking, I’m reading, I’m living. Yeah. Living.

Bitch Bitch Bitch

As previously mentioned, my birthday is next week. Normally this is a great time of jubilation and much planning and excitement. This year, not so much. B and I are unable to secure childcare and, therefore, will not be going out. This is unheard of and completely and totally unacceptable. So hard to get excited about my birthday when I know I’ll either be making dinner or eating frozen pizza while watching something equally thrilling as say, oh, Deal or No Deal. While it may seem silly and selfish (and maybe it is, who cares,) my birthdays are a HUGE deal to me and to not have a wild night out without kids sucks big hairy moose cock.

My computer is acting up. Given, I very rarely get down here for more than loading music on my iTouch these days, but it really pisses me off when a stupid piece of metal, plastic, and silicon doesn’t do the job.

8 year old neighbor girls are the most annoying creatures on the planet. Just saying.

Got some new amazingly fabulous shoes — gave me blisters.

it’s supposed to rain all week.

I cut my finger with an electric knife on Saturday and it is not even close to healing up.

No matter how many times I scream “DROP THE DRAMA ALREADY,” it seems that the only ones listening are the ones who dropped it ages ago.

The only things I’m hungry for these days are things I should not eat.

My cell company screwed up my bill two months in a row.

Our neighbor friend has prostate cancer – inoperable prostate cancer.

I have cramps even though I’m nowhere near the time in my cycle to have cramps. ( TMI? You’re the one who clicked on the blog, dude.)


Tattoo is finally done healing and I love it more than I can say.

I read Bastard Out of Carolina the other day and found that it healed some old wounds. Who knew?

Currently reading I Am NOT My Breast Cancer and it’s amazingly powerful. My grandmother died of breast cancer, my sister has had some lumps removed, I have cystic breasts. The women in this book write so openly, so honestly. I cry each time I pick it up. Of course, now I have to remember that I, in fact, do NOT have breast cancer and not get too carried away …

Watched Dan in Real Life If you haven’t done so yourself, please do it. It’s delightful and for some reason, I was able to watch the entire thing without wanting to kill Dane Cook!

Raising Sand Holy Mary Mother of Mentos, please, folks, listen to this album. Robert Plant & Alison Kraus. It’s amazing.

My birthday present is more than likely going to be a swank membership (and benes) at a super swank local gym /club.

Social Distortion — sometimes I just have to turn it up loud and scream along.

It’s nearly camping season again. B and I are working on a two day trip for us soon. Camping sans kids is fun.

Speaking of kids, mine are so freaking smart. Whew!

My magnolia tree is blooming.

I love my rice cooker and am thrilled that my kids will eat brown rice plain as a snack. Freaks.

Both my kids have black toenail polish and mohawks.

I’m watching the 1968 Comeback Special today. Sweet Sassy Molassy – that black leather jumpsuit. DAYUM.