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December 30, 2008

Okay, first of all, let me just say that Kid Rock is on Pandora.  I could end this post right there and it would be enough.  Nothing like clicking on Kid Rock Radio and hearing “So Hott” at 9:36 in the morning.  I gotta stop listening to him, though, ’cause he makes me wanna drink a ton of the hard stuff and do dirty things.  Hrmmm.. Yeah, let’s change that station right now.

So, moving on,  I WON Y’ALL!  Yep, I won the pink contest.  I get a whole lot of pink dishes and some other good stuff.  I really appreciate the votes.  I had never won anything before and was really excited to do so.  I recently lost a friend of mine to a very rare kind of cancer and Stephanie LOVED pink.  She also loved Pam Anderson (who I vowed to hate forever because she dared to marry Bobby, but whatever,) but I don’t hold that against her.  My grandmother died several years ago from cancer, as well, and her death marked the turning point for me from loathing pink to loving it.  Winning the contest was my salute to both of these amazing women.

The day I won the contest, I managed to do something that was only a matter of time – I totally screwed up my own hair big and bad.  I’ve been doing my own haircuts for months and they always turned out amazingly well, but you know, I was cutting my own hair and disaster was bound to happen at some point.  Sure enough, I cut a big ol’ bald spot out of the back of my head.  I tried to fix it, you know, as dumbasses will do, and of course, it didn’t work out so well.  I called the salon I used to frequent and wouldn’t you know, I got in with the Amazing Myles, the dude I’d been trying to get in to see for almost 3 years.  Apparently, the secret is calling in and saying, “I have a hair emergency and a big bald spot in my head -who can fix it?”  Delectable DDFF met me at the salon and Myles shaved and cut and buzzed and trimmed and twisted and sprayed and gunked and barely charged me a dime to fix it.  The result is a SASSY new do.  It’s shorter in the back than I’ve ever had (Semper Fi,) and it is not for the faint of heart, but I’m actually growing to love it.  It’s pulling me out of the soccer Mom rut I felt I was slipping into (I know I know, did you choke? Breathe, darlings, breathe.)  It requires earrings and lipstick and fierceness like never before and … well, I’m totally up to the challenge.  PLUS it makes the gym a much more pleasant experience.  My hair grows lightening fast, so it will be less funkalicious in a week or two, but for now, I’m looking like this ….

It’s been a really amazing lesson for me in appreciation for what I have (how many millions of people would give anything to have even this little hair?) and an even bigger lesson in Non-Attachment.  Let it go, let it all go.  What’s on your head doesn’t change what is in your heart.  What’s on your scalp doesn’t change what is in your soul.

Christmas was good.  Kind of strange, it always makes me realize how splintered my family of origin really is.  There were many members of my family that I didn’t see.  There were members of my family who refused to see each other for whatever reason (that’s totally their business.)  It was sort of sad.  It is what it is, however, and I just move forward with my own family.  Santa was good to us all again this year.  iPods, iPhones, Wii games, dishes, cash, kitchen appliances, boots, dvd players, gift cards, toys toys toys.  I ate too much, laughed too much, and almost stole my brother’s new puppy.  Just as a side note – if you don’t have kids, never had kids, won’t have kids, and if your partner was totally absent in the life of his children when they were kids, please do everyone a favor and shut up. No one needs your opinion or your judgement.  You have no clue what you’re talking about.  Thank you. Yep, another Christmas.

I love the APP store for my iPhone.  I find all kinds of amazing things on there.  Now that B has the iTouch, he’s finding and sharing all kinds of new things with me, too.  Like this new app by Ford (I know!) that allows you to edit your pics on your phone.  Check out what can be done!  img_0312


The minute Christmas is over, I start thinking about my anniversary.   Our anniversary is always a strange mix of things, as I’ve said here many times before, because we moved in together 6 days after our first kiss, but didn’t get married for almost 2 years after that, by which time we had had a child and felt pretty much old hat.  Props for the run-on sentence.  We got married in Feb of 2001 on paper, but feel that we got married in the heart and soul in June of 1999.  Technically we will be celebrating our 8th anniversary this February, but also our 10th anniversary this June.  Which to celebrate?  We have decided that, for our 10th anniversary, we will go on a trip and buy new rings.  So do we do that this year or in 2 years?  Not that it matters – it will work out as it always does.  It’s so strange – feels like we’ve been together for our entire lives and, at the same time, it blows my mind that we’ve been together for nearly a decade.  Apparently, this is a pervasive feeling. In the last 2 months, I have had conversations with both of my parents and my mother in law in which disbelief of the decade business was brought up.  What can I say? I might be the Ultimate Pink Lady, but I cannot control time.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and we have childcare lined up.  We didn’t ask for it, it just sort of dropped into our laps.  Not sure what we’re going to do.  I want to go see MILK.  If we don’t go tomorrow night, I think I might go Thursday during the day.   If I can drag my ass outta bed, that is.

I have a meeting tonight that I don’t want to attend.  It’s a prenatal with a client who isn’t even my own, I’m just playing back up.  I don’t know why I don’t want to do this, but I don’t.  Every cell in my body is saying NOOOOOOO and praying the almighty prayer that I don’t get called to this one.  I cannot deny it, it’s true, it’s visceral.  I need to have the ugly discussion with DDFF – I don’t think I can train to assist.  I really want to, I would love to in theory, but it all falls to shit in practice.  I think I am wayyyyy past my prime.  Maybe it will be different assisting, maybe it won’t be.  I just … ugh.  Not looking good.  Perhaps this will be best discussed while hunting for lip gloss and bangin’ earrings.  What say you?

Happy New Year, everyone.  Party hard, party safe.  Bring it, 2009.  I’m ready~!



December 20, 2008

Hey all,

Remember when I dyed my hair pink? Well, it turns out someone was paying attention!

I was asked to enter a contest for ladies who dare to dye their hair pink!  Voting is going on NOW and will continue through Christmas.  I would LOVE to win – I get some pink dishes if I do and maybe some other fun stuff.  More to the point, I’ve never won a contest before in my life and would really like to – what  a hoot!

So readers, head on over to The Many Shades of Pink and confirm to the rest of the world what we’ve all known for years – Mamakohl is the ULTIMATE Pink Lady.    Then pass it on and convince all your friends to do the same.  C’mon, you know you wanna.


To you From Mamakohl with love

December 5, 2008