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April 30, 2008

I missed the KR concert (I still cannot even speak of that grave injustice as of yet,) but you know I never miss WIllie.  Seeing him again (for the 3rd time) in July!

Whiskey River Take My Mind …..


The kids’ new favorite song

April 29, 2008

I’ve heard it 17 times already today.  No I’m not kidding. Yes I’m counting.



April 29, 2008

Had a little fun fun with some hair color today at DDFF’s house. I lurve it. I’m an Aries, after all, and we’re all about the fire!

redhead, baby



April 25, 2008

6 years ago today you entered this world with a lusty cry and a dramatic entrance that would make Patti Lupone proud. You have changed my life in ways I never knew possible. I love you. I adore you. I respect you. I admire you. I cherish you.

And this morning….


Super Learning Tuesday

April 23, 2008

I have to get this all down here, not for your benefit, but for mine. When I’m struggling to realize that it actually does work,I will look back and read this.

Yesterday was a completely spontaneous kick ass homeschooling day.

First thing in the morning, the kids wanted to go online to find out how much a much desired toy costs. So then came down and learned some surfing skills. Then they wanted to find out how much money they have. We sorted, counted, added, multiplied, charted, graphed, subtracted, and eventually found out that they need $1.75 more than they have. SO we started talking about all the forms $1.75 can take (1 bill and 3 quarters, 7 quarters, etc.)

Then they wanted to do some “experiments with water.” So I got out one of my new favorite books, Science Wizardry for Kids, and we started doing some experiments. They learned that nothing is completely solid – there are spaces between those molecules! AND we learned that 1+1 does not always equal 2 because some molecules are smaller than others and can slip in between bigger molecules. We learned that those molecules MOVE and that hot molecules move faster than slow ones. All this out of water, food coloring, and some rubbing alcohol.

Next we did some origami. I made 2 ducks – 1 out of regular paper and 1 out of wax paper. So we had a “does it float or does it sink” contest. Eventually this led to a discussion about wax molecules being bigger than water molecules and then the question, “well, if rubbing alcohol molecules are smaller than water molecules, would the wax duck float in alcohol? Are alcohol molecules bigger or smaller than wax molecules?” We haven’t tested that one out yet because I ran out of alcohol.

Then I sent them outside. Not 20 minutes later, Stealth came screaming to tell me about his new “Friend.” He had found a wonderful snail in the yard and was letting him crawl all over his hands (and taking great delight in the resulting slime trail.) We gathered a container and some leaves, grass, dirt, twigs, and rocks, and watched him crawl and climb and look and squish and all of that before letting him go.

They weren’t done with the experiments, so after dinner, we gathered glitter, water, food coloring, and oil and experimented with emulsions, etc. In fact, as I write this, the kids are both upstairs in their PJ’s doing more experiments with water and oil and air and stuff.

Every single one of these activities were self led. The kids asked to do them, they wanted to learn about it. They loved it. They want MORE! I never suggested any of this. I never put out lesson plan, sat them down, and said, “Okay, let’s do homework now.” Nope. I just was around and listened to what they wanted – and I gave it to them. That, my friends, is unschooling, and it is remarkable.

Unschooling – the right choice for us!


Called OUT!

April 23, 2008

My dear Virginia Vixen tagged me. That’s right, she called me out.  I sure do love you, Mami.

RULES – Post rules before giving the facts – Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves – People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules – At the end of the your blog you need to tag three people and list their names – Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

1-I think Mayo is quite possibly the most foul thing ever created.  I will, of course, eat it when it is in potato salad or other foods where it is an “invisible ingredient.”  However, if I see it going in there, if you tell me it’s in there prior to me eating it, if I can smell it, or even if I see the telltale bottle somewhere, forget it.  FORGET IT.  Ain’t gonna happen.  NO way, No how.  So, learn from me folks: if you want to keep me outta your chocolate, sushi, Shiner, or anything else, store it in Mayo.  Ditto Miracle Whip.   <<<shudder>>>

2-I don’t like talking on the phone.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I don’t like talking on the phone when folks call me.*  I love talking on the phone when I call people.  It’s just gotta be the right time, right place, I gotta be in the mood.  Otherwise, email or IM works just great.  The only exceptions to this rule is a) my Mom (she’s a little computer challenged -but she’s getting much better – and emailing can be slow,) and b) JP who, since getting an iPhone, now emails me much more often and I sense the phone calls diminishing.  LOVE pocket internet.  Part of this is due to be scattered.  Part of this is due to my completely inability to sit still unless watching a movie, in which case I’m not answering the phone unless I’m on call.  Part of it is due to the fact that I have a very large dog who will get right up to the phone and “talk” every time I’m on it.  MOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOM, there’sasquirrel,canIhaveatreat,canwegotothedogpark,ineedtochasemytailandthenlickmyparts,ohhhhhhhhhdoismellpeanutbutter,whyare youonthephoneinsteadofplayingfetch,watchmerolloverandoverandoverandoverandover,canIhavesomebacon?  Hank has no phone manners.

*This does not include short informational phone calls or short invitations out or whatnot.  I’m talking about the loll around and shoot the shit about nothing for hours kind of phone calls.

3-I never turn the light on when I shower. We have a small window in the shower (above head level) and it lets in the perfect amount of light for relaxation.  Almost like an outdoor shower.  Natural light rocks!

4-I’m spoiled and I know it.

5-My father and I are closer than we’ve ever been.  I’m 32 now and he’s in his 60s.  We’ve been growing closer for several years, but the past 2 or 3 months have brought us closer than ever.  We spoke the other day about how we don’t speak to each other as Father and Daughter anymore, but more like friends, equals.  Growing up with him was hell many times, but I think it makes us appreciate what we have now so much more.  Life is short.  Let go of the past.  All that matters is NOW.  Now is all we have.

6-Homeschooling scares the living piss out of me.  That’s part of the reason I do it.

7- Even though I am not Jewish, I will be called Yetta when I become a grandmother.  I decided that when I was 15 and I’m sticking to it.

8-As much as I love Pilates and Bellydancing, Yoga still has my heart and soul.    If I had to choose only one form of exercise for the rest of my life, yoga would be it, hands down (bwahahah, look at that, I made a funny,)  each and every time.

So now for the call out…I call out: JM BILL, JFL, & DDFF!!


Friday I’m in love

April 18, 2008

Okay, I know I have this habit of starting off blog posts with song titles. Just deal, eh? Music is my thing.  Always has been my thing.  When I got this PC a few years ago, I specifically got a media whore’s dream.  I spent a lot of dough on it, but it’s got enough memory to make your teeth sweat.  I have so much music that my husband once offered to build me an addition to the house for my music (and books.  whatever.)  One of these days I’m gonna take him up on it — or find him living in a shed in the backyard.  Anyway, since you’re undoubtedly singing the song in your head now, go ahead and get it out of your system right here.  GO ahead.  I’ll wait.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh there we go. You need a little Cure, didn’t you?  I thought so.  And now back to business.

Can we talk about inflation for just a minute, please?  We’re in a recession, folks are losing their jobs left and right, it’s horrid.  I needed to go grocery shopping today.  I do this every so often and it’s always an eye opening experience. Usually it’s eye opening because of how much my kids eat and how quickly they go through it all.  Today, however, I stood in the aisles and shook my head.  Everything is so expensive these days.  The eggs I buy went up 64 cents a dozen.  Flour? $4 a bag.  I was out $300 by the time I hauled my loot and the two kids to the parking lot.  And then went to get gas and puked at the price.  $3.39/ gal. Fortunately, I use ethanol and only paid $2.79 / gal for that. :-@  WTF, folks?  Seriously.  Yes, I could get by on with spending much less money on groceries — but then we’d be eating like shit and I refuse to go back to that.

Dolly Parton kicks ass.  Just saying.

I watched 2 films this past week.  Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in 4 Acts. Just do yourself a favor and see both now.  I won’t wait, but will expect a full report on Monday morning.

Party shuffle rocks.  I can see why it’s invited to all parties.

Folks have been asking. My birthday was fabulous, thank you very much.  WAAAAAAAAAAY lowkey compared to what I’m used to, but that’s okay.  I can’t be a rockstar forever.

Or maybe I can…  off to test out that theory.

Have a good weekend folks!


Hey Ladies …

April 18, 2008

funny dog pictures
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April 17, 2008

Thirty five is a very attractive age;
London society is full of women who have of their own
free choice remained thirty-five for years.
– Oscar Wilde

I lurve you.


Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

April 16, 2008