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September 28, 2005

Random thoughts –

I posted new pictures to Kohleidoscope today. There are some before and after shots of two bags that were custom ordered so folks can see how they start out and how the end up. Seriously different. And, there are pictures of 2 bags that are knitted and lined – no felting. They’re pretty darn cute, cheaper than felted bags of their size, and up for grabs. I’m getting feedback on these things since putting the blog up. Wahoo!

I have been an evil Mom lately. Just really no compassion. Hard assed. Think Red from That 70’s Show. Happy Fun Time has been over. Shit, that really sucks for my kids. I mean, come on, they’re just a breath away from still be babies, you know? Bad Mom. Bad Mom. Bad Mom. Guess I’ll have to fork out the big dough for the stuffed gorillas when we hit the Zoo in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I know, buying my kids. I gotta say, at this point, it it’s between buying them and beating them, I’m sure that they’d appreciate being bought. We can sort out the mess later.

I’ve been working like mad lately. DDFF and I have a slew of clients coming due. That means we’re going to births AND fitting in a couple of prenatals every week. And I make appointments to see folks for Kohleidoscope probably once a week. For the last 3 weeks, B has had to put the boys to bed without me at least 3 out of 7 nights. No big deal, in the long run, but I tell you, it’s quite a change from the months that I hardly ever missed a bedtime story. It’s good for me. And it’s good for them. And no one is sneezing at the looser purse strings, you know?

DDFF has written a post about her weight loss. Awesome! She’s doing great and I’m so proud of her. I tell you, we’re two foxy doulas. Oh my, sometimes I crack myself up.

Kindermusik rocks. Just rocks. Check it out. Enough said.

My doula gig is getting in the way of me enjoying my one (hush, my friends) trashy vice – Days of Our Lives. Yep. Yesterday a baby was born and I have to tell you – just about the ONLY thing they got right is that this baby didn’t come out the mother’s nose. Holy Cannole, do some damned research, folks!! Even us birthy folks look for an easy escape now and then, a fantasy to get lost in while folding the laundry and wiping noses and cuing up birth videos. DON’T BE A BUZZ KILL. Maybe I’ll get a job making sure these folks don’t look so asinine. I think Salem could use a doula, eh?

This coming weekend I’m going to a joint party (again, my friends, HUSH, it’s not that kind of joint party,) for my nephew and one of my nieces. It’s a birthday party. Somehow, they’ll be 12 and 6. The 12 year old’s, my nephew’s, was the first labor / birth I ever attended. A failed induction that ended in a cesarean, this was the birth that made me see that it could be, had to be, another way. Unreal. He’s grown into an amazing young man – actually becoming more man than boy every single day. But he still lets me hug him, as long as I listen all about his girlfriends (there are many.) The 6 year old reminds me of myself. She’s blond haired and blue eyed and feisty as all hell. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. Right on. Happy birthday, folks.

Love and Rockets forever.

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