And that is how you do that!

September 30, 2005

In my line of work, the word “Induction” usually evokes one thought – “UGH.” Just basic facts – inductions hugely increase the risk of cesarean, labor is often harder to handle and integrate because there’s no natural ebb and flow of things, and they are usually LONG and end with a baby looking less than happy and a Mom either being a) drugged or b) so tired she couldn’t care less if she gave birth to a boy, a girl, or a gorilla.

Occasionally, however, things are different.

Yesterday, I attended an induction with some clients with whom I’ve been working for a few months. Induction was the second to last thing that they wanted, but their care provider was giving them the choice of that or the very last thing they wanted, a cesarean. After considering those options, as well as the option of doing nothing at all, my clients decided that an induction would be fine -they wanted to see their baby. These folks had done it all right. They read the *right* books, took the best childbirth education class around, hired a doula, asked the hard questions, made good choices. Both my partner and I felt really good about them. If an induction could be awesome, which it could, then these would be the folks who could do it.

I could go on and on about the nitty gritty details, but 1) you probably don’t care, 2) it’s not my place to tell their story, and 3) it doesn’t really matter. What DOES matter is that this couple made this birth fun. Plain fun. Bullet points of happiness about this birth (from my eyes.)

  • in 13 and half hours, less than one full IV bag of pitocin was used. Yep. awesome
  • positioning was never limited. No one ever said, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that, get back into bed.”
  • Internal exams were kept to HER request (unheard of in the hospital.)
  • No one flinched at her eating and drinking at will
  • Multimedia included music by Johnny Cash, The Who, and the Ramones and TV of King of the Hill, and That 70’s Show. You know that makes me happy.
  • Mom never once asked for any pain meds and no one even mentioned it.
  • Mom chose her desired way of pushing.
  • Baby boy born looking happy and healthy (and beyond adorable) and not even once taken out of Mom’s arms until she was ready.

This was the first time I had worked with this doc. Let me just say, she very quickly has moved up into my list of favorites. She was so respectful and, frankly, spent most of her time looking to me for suggestions for positioning and pushing and whatnot. After all, she knows that she’s trained in catching the baby, I’m trained in helping the baby come. Right on.

Congratulations A, J, and Baby Z. You showed them. You showed them all. You did it with style and grace and you did it under your own power, your own way. That’s just hard core. I’ll come to your baby-having parties anytime.

And that is how you do that.

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