Hello there, Summer!

May 26, 2008

Last week it was cold. Seriously. It rained all week and got down into the 40s at night. Yesterday brought Summer – almost 90 degrees, I think, and air so thick you could stir it with a spoon. Welcome to the Midwest.

The camping trip last week was remarkably fabulous. Seriously, I think it may have been my 2nd favorite camping trip of my life – the first being when B and I canoed across a lake and bushwhacked a clearing for our tent and camped primitively sans kids. Last week was fantastic camping – kids were thrilled and helpful, Hank was Zen, B was in a great mood, and we didn’t leave anything at home! Hank stayed the whole time, a might sight better than previous attempts that were aborted after he barked for a solid hour and I ended up taking him home. He roamed the woods. He carried firewood. He lay by my side in the dirt and warmed himself at the fire. It got much colder that night than we expected and had some rather frantic moments while rearranging sleeping locations at 2 in the morning, but you just cannot beat warming yourself by a fire late at night and early in the morning when it’s cold out there. Much preferable to need the fire to stay cozy than to need it to control the bugs. I’m sure we’ll be repeating again soon.

JP came up Saturday night and we had a great time – and awesome sushi.  It’s a shame how quickly one can spend $30 on sushi without even realizing it.   Can’t wait to do it again!

I went shopping yesterday to get some new stuff for the gym.  It’s so strange – a few months ago, I thought I had plenty of stuff for the gym.  I was dead wrong.  I didn’t have hardly anything!  Old, ragged, tired yoga pants have have seen a few too many sun salutations and run ins with Rodney Yee, a few t-shirts, some tired sneakers.  But hell, it’s a gym, right?  How often do you need gym clothes?  Apparently, if you’re me, you need gym clothes 5 or days a week.  I’m hooked!  As B says, “The gym is your fishing!”  How right he is.  So I went and bought some high end sports bras (if you know me you know why I need the high end ones,) some new workout pants, a few work out t-shirts (special material for those of us who sweat like stuck pigs while burning calories and building muscle mass,) and two pair of these:

It really is an atrocious picture – who the hell stands like that and looks like that?  Pshaw.  In case it doesn’t show properly, it’s like skorts (skirt with shorts under) but it’s specifically made for working out.  I don’t know why and I cannot figure it out for the life of me because it doesn’t make sense, but I really like these things a thousand times better than shorts.  I got these funky black ones with a zebra stripe short underneath and then some crazy gray ones that look either like they have flying birds all over them or it’s some sort of gray scale psychedelic camo.  Regardless, I’m happy with them.

But most importantly, however, I needed better shoes.  The ones I’d been wearing were wayyyyyy cheap to begin with and had no real support even in the beginning – imagine their condition after a year or more.  GAH!  I spent an hour or more trying on a zillion pair of shoes and finally found a pair that really felt supportive, had great reviews, plenty of mesh for ventilation, excellent support, and they looked kind of fun!  I was quite proud of my choice when I discovered that they are the same shoe JM Bill wears and that freak has been running for decades!  Let me introduce to you my new feet – Asics Gel-240 TRs:

I used to think it was impossible to fight while listening to The Grateful Dead.  I was wrong.  My kids have it mastered.

I have dropped 100+ pounds of stress, pain, anxiety, frustration, rage, and worry and have never ever felt better.  I will never pick it up again.  I have even told the folks who have held that weight with me that I would no longer be carrying any part of it, won’t even talk about that weight, and don’t bother telling me about the weight because I don’t care – it doesn’t exist to me anymore.  VIVA EMPOWERMENT!  Amazing how locking a door behind you can open a whole world ahead of you and I’m focusing on just that – the world ahead of me!

I’m addicted to Cesar Millan.  I don’t see any problem with that.  And neither does Hank.

I never knew how much boys eat.  Seriously.  My kids are growing like weeds and every week we run out of groceries sooner and sooner.  WTF?  Pretty soon they are gonna have to either learn to garden or eat air ’cause I’m running out of options!  HOLY CRACKBALLS, the baby out eats me and he’s 6!

Yes, Crackballs is a technical term.

I’m detoxing this week – no caffeine, no booze, nothing.  My cells feel gunky.  I’ll be really interested to see how this affects my workouts this week.  I’m assuming they will be nicely steamed hardcore with a side order of kick ass and some C’mon-Just-Ten-More sorbet for dessert.  I feel badly for my shower and my washing machines – they are gonna be taking a beating.  I’m gonna be dowsing myself in Fabreeze.  Consider yourself warned.

I’m hungry.  Think I’m gonna go eat a peach.

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