Up for grabs

October 12, 2007

Okay readers who are very small or have young girls – it’s that time of year again: The annual get rid of the stuff left at W’s time! This is usually a fun fiesta of clothing and random other things (multiple cell phones, PDA, random shoes, earrings, etc.) and this year is no exception!  All of this stuff has been there for a year or more and no one has claimed any of it.  All in great shape and name brand-ish.  Out of 3 ginormous bags of clothing left behind by the Trustafarians, I managed to snag several lovely coats (including a swank chocolate brown suede trench coat, a tailored black leather coat, tailored denim jacket, seriously warm and versatile winter coat for actual use in snow,) a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans, etc.  B got some nice grey wool coats / jackets, one dressier than the other, etc.  It was a great haul and everything we didn’t snag (due to whatever reason) has already been donated to charity.

With the exception of 3 items —

A SMALL Hollister jacket for a girl (or a very tiny woman who’s growth has been stunted since age 7.)  I’m thinking that this might fit someone ages, oh hell, 7-13?  I don’t know, I’m a horrible judge of girls sizes. It’s kind of taupe in color and very soft, perfect condition.  And it doesn’t even stink like the Hollister store!!

Black cotton cabled cardigan sweater, Mossimo, size SMALL.  Has hidden hook and eye closures and one small snag in the stitching — can easily be pulled through.  Other that that, it’s perfect and I love it.  But it’s very similar to what I already have.

Black shirt / jacket with large buttons, Forever 21.  This is stretchy and actually in really great shape and I bet would look pretty good on someone who, well, would wear something stretchy like that … a small woman, larger girl.

So if anyone wants any or all of these things, gimme a holler.  If they’re not claimed by Monday, I’m sending them on to the Great Charity Donation Basket in the sky …. or, well, okay, Goodwill. 

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