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A+++ is for Apple Tech Support

March 13, 2009

So Karen Walker went on a bender and broke her little nose.  Translated into English, this means that something happened to my iPhone and the ringer on/off switch broke off.  Yeah, less than thrilled about that, the thing cost an arm and a leg and it’s only 4 months old.  Not to mention that I have no idea at all how it broke.

So I hopped online and made a service call appointment with Apple, but in the meanwhile, thought I’d call around and see what could be done locally.  Apparently, our local Mac store doesn’t work on iPhones.  They sent me to an AT&T store.  The AT&T people told me to call the folks at Apple support, which I had already done.  Nothing left to do but wait for the call.

I had asked to be called between 1:00 and 1:15.  The phone rang at 1:06.  The service gal was super kind, easy to understand and was incredibly patient with me being that I am not easy to understand at the moment, what with this allergy crap going on.  I explained the situation and she gave me two options – 1) go to an Apple store and trade it in immediately or, 2) do a mail repair.  Since my nearest Apple store is 2 hours away, I opted for option 2, but secretly hated this idea because everything says that it’s a 3 business day turn around for something like that and here it is Friday and it is my ONLY phone – no house phone at all anymore.  Imagine my surprise and elation when I heard her say, “I see you’ve purchased the extended care plan!  That means we will Fedex you a new phone overnight for free so you won’t have to be without your phone for a single minute.  You’ll get your new phone tomorrow afternoon or evening and we’ll include a postage paid return box for you to ship the broken phone to us.  Call FedEx and they’ll pick it up from your doorstep.”  HOT DIGGITY DOG!

She reaffirmed for me the steps I need to do to get the card out of my phone and how I will be able to restore the new phone right back to the current phone’s stuff by using the iTunes backup I have created.  Easy peasy, painless, and FREE!

I just love good customer service.