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Really really really good stuff

July 12, 2008

I continue on the path of Radical Unschooling.  Sometimes I really miss the mark.  Sometimes you’d think that I managed to go from RU Parent to Professor Snape in one breath.  Yeah, I’m human and fallible.  It happens.

All things work the same way for me: I find something that really clicks, that I really get and appreciate, and that I really love and I work it for awhile until it starts working for me and then I abandon it.  See, human.  Having realized that I had gotten off the RU path (and, frankly, the Al-Anon path and a few other paths …) I jumped back on with both feet this past week and have, of course, gained peace and insight and excitement and wonder and passion and zeal.

I was tooling around online this morning and came across something that put my thought processes into a blender.  What came out was a delicious smoothie of hope, renewed commitment, and deeper understanding of myself,  my family, my picture of a happy home.  It’s really really really good stuff.  Check it out!