Business notes

March 20, 2008

1.  Yes, it’s a real tattoo.  With needles. And ink.  And pain.  And blood. And that whole “forever and ever” thing.  I know, it’s so good it looks like it’s a sticker or a drawing, but it’s a real deal permanent tattoo.  (I write this because 5 people have asked if it’s real.  Fair enough.)

2.  No, I did not forget.  Tuesday was B’s birthday.  I didn’t mention it because, well, he doesn’t care about his birthday and if I did put it on here then folks would know that he was actually, gasp, BORN and did not just appear from the mist.  So, Happy 34th, Monk.  You’re like a fine cheese – getting riper with age.

3.  All you local folks – be sure to tune into KOPN tonight at 7.  DDFF and I are doing an hour long radio show on Doulas.  Listen and be amazed at our brilliance (or listen and laugh as we screw it all up.)  Either way, tune in and listen up.  I think the show will be available for download on the website.  I’ll post a link when it comes up.

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