Jebus, I *STILL* wanna be Jesse’s Girl

February 26, 2008

Rick Springfield was on Oprah today.  I grew up with Rick Springfield.  I watched him on General Hospital  when I was 6 (and it was summer and my parents were at work and my sister turned it on and I snuck in and watched it, too.)  But I guess more importantly, my brother had all of his albums.  I was quite close to my brother growing up and I spent more time in his room than in mine and invariably, we’d be listening to music.  I learned of Styxx, Kim Karns, Hall and Oats, Metallica, Dire Straights, Jim Croce, and yes, Rick Springfield at my brother’s knee.

I was impressed to watch ol’ Rick talk of his love of his sons.  He’s still a cutie patootie.  And when he sang the ultimate RS anthem, Jesse’s Girl, I got out of my seat and danced right along.  I got tickled that Duck was singing along, word for word.  Guess he has heard the song before.  😉

One comment

  1. I guess you skipped music appreciation on the days he listened to The Village People and Boston and let’s not forget Juice Newton either. 😉

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