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Big things for the boys

October 17, 2007

‘Cause one of these days I’ll want to remember when this stuff happened …

 Yesterday Duck walked out of the bathroom with his sneakers on and tied all by himself.  I’m not sure when he learned, we’ve been trying unsuccessfully to teach him for a long time.  When we finally gave up on it, he figured it out on his own.  Who knew?  So now he’s all about wearing the sneakers and tying them a zillion times a day, just because he can.

Stealth finished up all his dental work today – including getting a broken tooth pulled!  I wasn’t aware that they were doing that today, so when I looked up and saw a huge hole in my baby’s mouth where a tooth used to be, well, my eyes got as wide as dinner plates.  Stealth didn’t even notice, just kept on bopping to the music.  I’m telling you, our dentist is that good!  Anyway, so now Stealth is preparing for his first visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight!




October 13, 2007

So I blogged high praises to Kimmah earlier today.  Little did I know that I’d log into Myspace and find a message from her claiming that her new profile song was chosen just for me.SO I go and listen and nearly crapped myself.  It’s PERFECT.  So perfect, in fact, that it has now replaced the Kid Rock song on my own profile.BWAHAHHAHAHAHH~~~Check it out – hop thyself on myspace and check out my profile for the song.  Iffin’s you don’t know my Myspace stuff, well, I’m not sharing it here.  So go to Scott Holt’s profile (search, fools,) and then listen to She Suits Me to a T.Thanks, Kimmah.  And No, a hat does not a Feivel make.


Denny Scott – professional photographer for those who want to spew coffee from their noses

October 13, 2007

I wish I could take credit for this. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could take credit for this.  Unfortunately, I cannot, so I give quite possibly the greatest full blog props to KIMMAH, who once again scratched her ass and pulled out something brilliant!

I’m just …. just ….  man.  Just man.  This is, uh, oh gawd, I gotta go back and look again.

Iowa, that cultural mecca, apparently has  Full Body Glamor and Boudoir shots available.  Or, if you’re feeling really extra special, you might want to check out the BIBS page.  And the Mom’s page.  And really?  Those are the bridal boudoir photos?  REALLY?   Must be an arranged marriage.

Ah, Denny Scott, from all of us who need a good howl, we salute you!


DAMN, that was fast!

October 12, 2007

The clothes are gone.

Until next year ….


Up for grabs

October 12, 2007

Okay readers who are very small or have young girls – it’s that time of year again: The annual get rid of the stuff left at W’s time! This is usually a fun fiesta of clothing and random other things (multiple cell phones, PDA, random shoes, earrings, etc.) and this year is no exception!  All of this stuff has been there for a year or more and no one has claimed any of it.  All in great shape and name brand-ish.  Out of 3 ginormous bags of clothing left behind by the Trustafarians, I managed to snag several lovely coats (including a swank chocolate brown suede trench coat, a tailored black leather coat, tailored denim jacket, seriously warm and versatile winter coat for actual use in snow,) a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans, etc.  B got some nice grey wool coats / jackets, one dressier than the other, etc.  It was a great haul and everything we didn’t snag (due to whatever reason) has already been donated to charity.

With the exception of 3 items —

A SMALL Hollister jacket for a girl (or a very tiny woman who’s growth has been stunted since age 7.)  I’m thinking that this might fit someone ages, oh hell, 7-13?  I don’t know, I’m a horrible judge of girls sizes. It’s kind of taupe in color and very soft, perfect condition.  And it doesn’t even stink like the Hollister store!!

Black cotton cabled cardigan sweater, Mossimo, size SMALL.  Has hidden hook and eye closures and one small snag in the stitching — can easily be pulled through.  Other that that, it’s perfect and I love it.  But it’s very similar to what I already have.

Black shirt / jacket with large buttons, Forever 21.  This is stretchy and actually in really great shape and I bet would look pretty good on someone who, well, would wear something stretchy like that … a small woman, larger girl.

So if anyone wants any or all of these things, gimme a holler.  If they’re not claimed by Monday, I’m sending them on to the Great Charity Donation Basket in the sky …. or, well, okay, Goodwill. 


You asked, you got it!

October 10, 2007

There’s a new page up there called “Doggie Goodies” that contains the recipes for the biscuits and the cake.  I like making things for Hanka Hanka Burnin’ Love, so I might put other things on there as they come up!


Good Things

October 9, 2007

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to The Simms Family in New Zealand!  My dear sister-friend, S, gave birth to a 9lb 15 oz baby boy in her bathtub last night!  2 hours from first contraction to holding her little (big) bubba.  Welcome to the world, Baby Dude.  You’re gonna have a great life with a Mama like that.

It’s October 9th.  I’m waiting for the stores to open.  Rock N Roll Jesus here I come!!

The end of the shrug is in sight.  Oh yes.  I plan to finish it this week – perhaps tomorrow!  Good timing  – it’s finally decided to be Fall here.

I have a slew of good good stuff waiting to be picked up at the library.  Lots of Amy and David Sedaris.  Love those two.  I need a little humor in my life – I’ve been dealing with some seriously heavy crap lately.

JP and I have a phone call planned for this afternoon to discuss RNRJ.  Hehhehhehhehheh.  Someone, quick, remind me that it’s bad form to take your iPod on a kiddie playdate when you know very well the other Mom wants to talk to you….

My 3 pounds of bloat disappeared overnight, thank you Elvis. 

The little girl who lives next door who loves nothing more in life than to play with my kids has finally learned that it’s best to call first before just arriving.  Previously, the experience went like this:  Neighbor Girl gets out of school and home at 4:15.  The doorbell rings at 4:22 causing Hank to bark his fool head off.  Neighbor Girl is scared of Hank’s barking and starts shaking and freaking out, although she knows full well that Hank will not hurt her.  The boys, in their excitement to play with Neighbor Girl, rush to the backdoor and run out to play and forget to close the door.  Hank, thinking someone has escaped or broken in, runs to the back door and, finding it open, rushes out.  Neighbor Girl FREAKS out and Hank says, “Hey, Neighbor Girl, will you be my friend? Will you rub my belly?  Can you teach me to open the fridge?  Hey where are you going, let me follow you!!!”  Neighbor Girl runs into the front yard with Hank hot on her tail.  Noticing that he’s in the front yard, Hank takes off and runs into the neighborhood at the top of the street, taunting the Pit Bulls who live up there.  I manage to get the freaking dog back to the house after, oh, on average 25 minutes of chasing and cussing and swearing we’re gonna have dog stew for dinner.   Get back home just in time to hear that Neighbor Girl has to go home and do her homework.  Kids are distraught, Hank is thinking he’s had the best adventure in the world.  Yes, calling first is a good thing.

And finally, friends and neighbors, this is a good thing:



I did it!!

October 8, 2007

I broke my Post Office block!

For some reason, I love stamps nearly more than coffee, sushi, and glute squeezes, yet I never manage to go buy stamps.  Ever.

But Saturday was my nephew’s birthday and my niece’s birthday is later on this week – I had to send them both their birthday goodies.  So I made it to the post office … and it was closed!  HAH HAHAH HAH, forgot about Columbus Day (although this did provide a perfect opportunity for an impromptu history lesson for the boys “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!”)

Lucky for me, they have this really fly automated postage machine.  You can do damned near anything on that deal as long as you have a credit / debit card.  I mean, I’ve sent packages to Ireland on that dealy.  Love it.  Anyway, it allowed me to weigh the envelopes (cards stuffed with a goodie or two,) and told me how much postage I needed and then it just sold me the stamps.  Bwhahahahha.  Take that, System.

So, not only did I manage to get my stuff stamped and in the mail (will go out tomorrow, but damn, I was not going to make a second trip to the post office,) but I also managed to grab an additional14 stamps for future mailings.

I feel like Freddy Mercury “WE are the CHAMPIONS!!”


Happy Birthday to my Hank-a-roni and Cheese!

October 7, 2007

Hank turned 2 today and the boys and I have been preparing for it.  The boys were so excited and we all thought we should make a big deal out of it — and we did!

I made him homemade dog treats (super easy and wonderful – let me know if anyone wants the recipe,)  took him to the dog park, and then we made him a special doggie birthday cake (peanut butter and carrot cake – again, let me know if you want the recipe.)    My goodness, I love that dog!

And I officially wear the Dork Crown until further notice.

Oh and just in case you weren’t sure who was the Dog Dork Champion?  I have further evidence.  We did Haiku for Hank, too!

Duck and Stealth wrote this:

It is Hank’s Birthday

He must be very happy

Two years old … and cake!!

And not to be outdone, I wrote one, too:

Labrador logic

Twisted, hyper, nutball brain

Hank is my life coach.


Long live the queen.


How cool is this?

October 7, 2007

Check it out — Educational Tetris using the States! – Statetris-USA

As always, got it from Mark