October 23, 2007

I’m making myself stop what I’m doing for a bit and sit down here at the computer and write a bit.  You know, when I first started this blog a few years ago, I felt it was because I had something to say.  Well, let’s be honest, I almost always have something to say.  There have been a few times lately, however, that I’ve been struck speechless – a) when a girlfriend told me her husband had his hair highlighted, b) when another friend told me that her wanker ex-husband wanted to share a tent with her at a Boy Scout Camp out with their son, c) when Duck walked out of the bathroom having taught himself how to tie his shoes, d) when B brought me a bottle of Gin bigger than my head.  You get the idea.  Anyway, I started to write this blog because I wanted it to be some sort of platform for me to express my thoughts. Now, frankly, I use it to keep track of time.  “When did I do that?  OH I know, I’ll check my blog.”  I tell you, it’s pretty damned handy.  So here I am writing this shit down so I can someday look back and remember when.

It’s been a damned busy fiber week or two.  I finally finished the shrug I was working on forever and I have to say, I’m so glad I took the time to make it. I love it.  I love it so much it is probably the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe.  It’s beautiful.  It’s classy.  It’s warm and soft and the perfect color.  It’s machine washable.  Everyone who sees it wants one.  It made B gasp out loud and then immediately take it off of me so he could put it on so I could see how it really looks from the back (I LOVE that man!!!) Pictures forthcoming.   I also made a cabled “ponchette.” I know, ponchette.  What a word.  Anyway, it’s like a poncho and capelet had too much to drink one night and ended up under the corner booth at Denny’s looking for each other’s fringe.  It’s a little big for me, but one of the yarns I used is 30% wool, so I’m hoping it might shrink up just a tiny bit when I wash it.  And, for the first time in nearly a year, I made another handbag.  I’d held onto the Ozark yarn for it for close to 3 years and finally put it to use.  It’s big and has an interesting subtle ridged effect in the Ozark part of the bag due to changing stitches.  I really like it – but haven’t bonded with it yet.  It doesn’t have a name as of yet.  I wonder if I shouldn’t just sell it.  I could use the money and it’s not screaming at me, so who knows.  Again, pictures coming soon.

My kids are obsessed with Poke´mon.  I spent a long time keeping them from it and then finally realized one day that I should just encourage them to get into it.  I mean, lots of our homeschool kids are into it – something else to talk about! Besides, man, they’ll do damned near anything that brings them closer to experiencing those freaky little critters.  Duck is now writing a book about Pikachu and someone else working in a lab asking questions about what makes the Earth tic.  Cool thing about it is that he has to research the answers to his own questions and then write it all down in dialogue form.  Stealth illustrates the book, so he has to color and draw and work on spacing – and all illustrations must be labeled.  Right now they are cleaning their room head to toe so they can go online and study these little creatures.  Who knew?

Speaking of their room, there are new things showing up on their walls every minute.  It’s very cool owning your own home because you can do all kinds of crazy things.  Yesterday I was inspired to inspire my children, so I grabbed a Sharpie and started writing messages on their walls – quotes from Isadora Duncan, Carl Sandburg, John Lennon.  I’m sure I’ll put more up there as the days pass.  It’s so wonderful because they have no idea I’m the one who has done it, so it’s like some sort of inspiration fairy is coming around and writing neat-o things on their walls.  They love it, I love it.  B thinks I should tell them it’s me – he thinks it’s awesome – but I refuse.  Let them have the mystery.  After all, much of the pleasure in life is in the wondering.

I went to Hannibal this past weekend with my Mom for the annual fall festival that they have there. and took the boys.  I had just finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to the kids (the Classic Start version that has been slightly edited to be suitable for younger readers,) and was so thrilled to show the kids the historic places as well as my old stomping grounds. I ran into my old best friend there as well as her mother.  Time isn’t as kind to some as it is to others – that’s all I’m saying.  As luck would have it, my “Friend ain’t strong enough a word” Friend, JFL, happened to be in Hannibal that weekend, too, for other reasons.  But we met up downtown, walked around a bit, climbed 244 stairs to the lighthouse on Cardiff Hill, and then rewarded ourselves with beer from the beer gardens.  Hannibal apparently has heard of Hefeweizen – who knew!?!?!?!  Another trip is planned in the near future when B can go, too.  We’ll meet up with JFL and maybe his kids and hit the cave and a few other places. Frankly, I might take B there for a weekend getaway soon.  Things are cheap, the parks are gorgeous, it’s close to home.  Maybe.  Maybe not. 

I finished up Stealth’s Halloween costume yesterday and need to finish Duck’s tomorrow.  I’m loving Mom’s badass sewing machine, let me tell you.  Broken bobbin winder or no, that damned thing purrs like a sports car.

Feeling really really close to B these days.  Feeling overwhelmed by how fragile and transient and temporary life is.  Every day with him is a gift, the greatest gift of my life. He is constant, there is never any doubt about his commitment to me or mine to him.  We know where things are and where things are going – well, as much as anyone can know.  I’m blessed, no question.

My MIL asked for the boys again.  I love that.  She’s getting them tomorrow morning and will return them Thursday afternoon.  JP is coming to visit for lunch and perhaps a cocktail tomorrow afternoon and then B and I will go out for dinner.  Thursday will be sewing and spinning and TCB.

I’ve been asked to write an article for a Midwifery support publication, due Dec 1.  I’m honored and thrilled to write for this publication – I just hope I have something brilliant to say!  Eh, it’s gonna be cake.  I need to hold a baby, though, you know, just for um… umm… inspiration?  😉

I’m listening to a very bizarre reggae version of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues.  It is simply unreal!  I think it has to go on my yoga playlist, though, because when I have to concentrate really really really really hard to hold a certain pose, I lean on the music – and I have to concentrate to wrap my brain around this.  Seriously, ya’ll, you must hear it.

What to have for dinner? Hmmm.  Went grocery shopping this morning, dropped a ton of money on a bunch of vittles.  Sometimes it’s harder to decide what to have for dinner when you have a whole bunch of food than it is when your pantry is bare.

It’s too quiet upstairs.  Time to dive back under.

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