Big things for the boys

October 17, 2007

‘Cause one of these days I’ll want to remember when this stuff happened …

 Yesterday Duck walked out of the bathroom with his sneakers on and tied all by himself.  I’m not sure when he learned, we’ve been trying unsuccessfully to teach him for a long time.  When we finally gave up on it, he figured it out on his own.  Who knew?  So now he’s all about wearing the sneakers and tying them a zillion times a day, just because he can.

Stealth finished up all his dental work today – including getting a broken tooth pulled!  I wasn’t aware that they were doing that today, so when I looked up and saw a huge hole in my baby’s mouth where a tooth used to be, well, my eyes got as wide as dinner plates.  Stealth didn’t even notice, just kept on bopping to the music.  I’m telling you, our dentist is that good!  Anyway, so now Stealth is preparing for his first visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight!


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