Good Things

October 9, 2007

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to The Simms Family in New Zealand!  My dear sister-friend, S, gave birth to a 9lb 15 oz baby boy in her bathtub last night!  2 hours from first contraction to holding her little (big) bubba.  Welcome to the world, Baby Dude.  You’re gonna have a great life with a Mama like that.

It’s October 9th.  I’m waiting for the stores to open.  Rock N Roll Jesus here I come!!

The end of the shrug is in sight.  Oh yes.  I plan to finish it this week – perhaps tomorrow!  Good timing  – it’s finally decided to be Fall here.

I have a slew of good good stuff waiting to be picked up at the library.  Lots of Amy and David Sedaris.  Love those two.  I need a little humor in my life – I’ve been dealing with some seriously heavy crap lately.

JP and I have a phone call planned for this afternoon to discuss RNRJ.  Hehhehhehhehheh.  Someone, quick, remind me that it’s bad form to take your iPod on a kiddie playdate when you know very well the other Mom wants to talk to you….

My 3 pounds of bloat disappeared overnight, thank you Elvis. 

The little girl who lives next door who loves nothing more in life than to play with my kids has finally learned that it’s best to call first before just arriving.  Previously, the experience went like this:  Neighbor Girl gets out of school and home at 4:15.  The doorbell rings at 4:22 causing Hank to bark his fool head off.  Neighbor Girl is scared of Hank’s barking and starts shaking and freaking out, although she knows full well that Hank will not hurt her.  The boys, in their excitement to play with Neighbor Girl, rush to the backdoor and run out to play and forget to close the door.  Hank, thinking someone has escaped or broken in, runs to the back door and, finding it open, rushes out.  Neighbor Girl FREAKS out and Hank says, “Hey, Neighbor Girl, will you be my friend? Will you rub my belly?  Can you teach me to open the fridge?  Hey where are you going, let me follow you!!!”  Neighbor Girl runs into the front yard with Hank hot on her tail.  Noticing that he’s in the front yard, Hank takes off and runs into the neighborhood at the top of the street, taunting the Pit Bulls who live up there.  I manage to get the freaking dog back to the house after, oh, on average 25 minutes of chasing and cussing and swearing we’re gonna have dog stew for dinner.   Get back home just in time to hear that Neighbor Girl has to go home and do her homework.  Kids are distraught, Hank is thinking he’s had the best adventure in the world.  Yes, calling first is a good thing.

And finally, friends and neighbors, this is a good thing:


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  1. Try it again Lady! I cannot see the photo!!

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