Happy Birthday to my Hank-a-roni and Cheese!

October 7, 2007

Hank turned 2 today and the boys and I have been preparing for it.  The boys were so excited and we all thought we should make a big deal out of it — and we did!

I made him homemade dog treats (super easy and wonderful – let me know if anyone wants the recipe,)  took him to the dog park, and then we made him a special doggie birthday cake (peanut butter and carrot cake – again, let me know if you want the recipe.)    My goodness, I love that dog!

And I officially wear the Dork Crown until further notice.

Oh and just in case you weren’t sure who was the Dog Dork Champion?  I have further evidence.  We did Haiku for Hank, too!

Duck and Stealth wrote this:

It is Hank’s Birthday

He must be very happy

Two years old … and cake!!

And not to be outdone, I wrote one, too:

Labrador logic

Twisted, hyper, nutball brain

Hank is my life coach.


Long live the queen.


  1. Yo, kick me that recipe!! Poor Jack is feeling left out!!

  2. could I get the recipe for both the cake and the treats please?

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