Hmmmmm, worth it?

April 26, 2007

I have the chance to rendezvous with my trailer park love slave in May.

Yes, friends and neighbors, Mr. Ritchie is playing in Indianapolis, a mere 6 hour drive. Concert starts at 3:30 pm and get this – tickets are only $10!!! Yes of course, it’s general seating and I’d be surrounded by oodles and oodles of scuzzy race car freaks, but sweet holy moses, surely, surely, he would sense his devoted from way up in the nose bleed section….

Good lord and butter, this is worth some thought…


  1. Honey, that’s worth wearing the race car fan clothing. $10 for a little slice of scuzzy down and dirty heaven..I hate you. You better go.

  2. Between me and our dear brother, I’m sure we can provide you with the proper attire so that you could fit right in and look like all the rest of us scuzzy race car freaks.

    Just let me know, I’ll hook ya up.

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