The would be Spider and the young, English Fly

April 18, 2007

So, a friend of mine is in London at the moment and this morning, I hopped onto my mom’s list to find a message that she had seen Harry Potter naked last night. Yes, indeed, she saw Equus. Which means she saw Daniel Radcliffe naked. A lot. Lots of naked Daniel Radcliffe. YOWZA.
It’s true that I’m a 31 year old woman and Daniel Radcliffe is decidedly not 31. It’s also true that I have found myself thinking lovingly of Anne Bancroft and understanding her plight in this cold, cold world. I have often thought of what would happen if that young little fly managed to get caught in my old lady spider web and all I can say is that I would ruin him.
Off to go scrub my mind’s eye with bleach now and then play endless hours of Candyland so I can once again feel like a good mother …

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