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Have you ever in your life seen anything this fabulous?!?!?

December 11, 2006

Know what those are? They’re sushi stitch markers for knitting. Yeah, I know, unbelievably adorable, eh? And practical? Oh, and they are something else, too …. they are MINE! DDFF and I had our annual goodie swap last night and along with a gorgeous bracelet that she so creatively made and the yummiest soap on the planet, she gifted me with these good good good goodies! Oh my muscle yaki, I love them! Now I gotta find something to knit …. Posted by Picasa


Today is the day

December 7, 2006
Today is my annual SHOP TIL I DROP day.  Every year, I have one big shopping day where I do an insane amount of shopping.  I usually manage to do all of this in a couple of hours and end up forgetting things or buying too much or second guessing, but hell, when you have two or three hours to shop for a zillion folks, well, it just becomes a challenge.  It’s not like I don’t think about it or anything ahead of time -I’m actually quite prepared before the blitz with a list of specific things to buy for each person – after all, I’ve been thinking about this for months by this point, so deciding on a thoughtful, meaningful, enjoyable, and affordable gift for each person is usually simple.  But still, it’s a mad dash that spins me into some sort of insanity and by the time I get home, I’m usually so cross that I just hollor at the kids to get in their rooms and shut the door because, frankly, I just don’t have the damned energy to be all secret agenty about bringing in the loot so the chillen’s don’t see.  But today, today is gonna be different. 
The kids are gone.
They left this morning to go and spend the day with my Mother.  About 6 weeks ago, she mentioned that she’d like to kidnap them for a day in early December.  This is awesome because, while my Mom adores my boys as she does all her grandchildren, she doesn’t have much time alone with them.  So, when she asked to have them, I was super excited and scheduled my shopping day accordingly.  Of course, I figured I’d still have just a few hours because Mom gets tired easily with two insane boys running around her house.  But hell, a few hours is sooooooooo much better than none, yes?
And then my MIL called to ask if the boys could come and stay tonight with them – they would be more than happy to pick the kids up from my Mom’s and take them to their house and I could pick the kids up tomorrow morning.  Would that be okay?  Um, that would be a YES!
So, here it is 9:27 am.  The house is quiet, all except the sound of my jeans in the dryer. I’m drinking coffee.  The kids are gone and won’t be back until tomorrow morning sometime.  In a little while, I’ll be leaving to do my shopping with NO schedule at all.  I can shop until I pass out.  I can take little breaks for a chai latte and some light reading.  I can go and have a little tofu salad for lunch or skip lunch all together.  I can do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want.  Fa La FREAKING La, ya’ll!!!!
And if all that weren’t enough, JM Bill took the time out of her frantic Irish schedule to make me a killer shopping playlist for the occasion!  2 hours of appropriately titled, themed, and organized music to make my shopping adventure a success.  I’m telling you, that fruitcake sho’ is nice!  Money, spending, Angles, Christmas, pump, it’s all there! Check it out:
Bittersweet Symphony 5:58 The Verve 
Angel of Harlem 3:49 U2 
Holiday 3:52 Green Day 
Christmas Time (Dont Let The B 3:26 The Darkness  
St. Stephen 4:29 Grateful Dead 
My Best Friends Girl 3:41 The Cars 
Someday Baby (w. Lyrics Born) 3:16 R.L. Burnside 
Big Pimpin Ft Ugk 4:42 Jay-Z 
Money Talks (live) 4:19 ACDC 
Bought and Sold [Live] 4:38 Rory Gallagher 
This One’s For Me 2:42 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 
Foxy Lady 3:15 Jimi Hendrix 
Gone Going (Feat. Jack Johnson) 3:13 Black Eyed Peas  
Shine A Light 4:17 The Rolling Stones 
My Doorbell 3:58 The White Stripes 
Humidity Built The Snowman 4:27 John Prine
Whiskey In The Jar 5:03 Metallica
Merry Christmas From The Family 4:48 Robert Earl Keen 
Merry Christmas Baby 5:45 Elvis Presley 
And to end it all?  A nice cocktail at W’s and a quiet night at home with my man.  Or maybe it won’t be so quiet after all.  Bwahahahahah.
Ooops, the dryer is done.  Time to get going.  Sure as hell hope my bank account took it’s vitamins today, it’s gonna need it!

Duck suddenly felt lighter …

December 6, 2006

Last night, Duck was walking around the house right before bed sort of wiggling his front tooth. We all thought we still had several weeks with this wobbly tooth, but suddenly there was a pop and a gasp and extreme laughter and glee coming from my 6 year old. He somehow managed to pull that tooth right out, much to the surprise of everyone in our house!

His response?

“Whew, that’s better! My head was feeling so heavy – now it’s one tooth lighter!” Posted by Picasa


Food for thought

December 5, 2006

The Tsalagi (Cherokee) believed that within each person was a battle between two wolves. Sitting with his grandson, a grandfather explained that one of the wolves was evil and was driven by anger, envy, regret, ego, and the worship of war. The other wolf was good, and was driven by love, hope, compassion, and the promise of peace.

Thinking about the wolves already growing within him, the boy asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

And the old man replied, “The one you feed.”

— The Tao of Willie


Wisdom JM Bill style

December 5, 2006
People don’t give smell enough credit.
Well maybe they do but dammit let’s raise our coffee cups to SMELL, everybody!
(good ones.  Not socks.  Or poo)

Lots of fun in the snow!

December 2, 2006


December 2, 2006

I get emails from folks who don’t know me very well. They are all saying the same thing and they all expect the same response – something along the lines of, “Amen!” or, “I hear you, Sistah,” or, “yeah, who needs ’em?” But really, the only response they elicit from me is a swift fondling of the DELETE button. Each and every time I delete these simple minded emails and say a silent prayer to the universe that some day we’ll have equality. Until that happens, however, I guess I’m bound to continue to get these men bashing emails.

That’s right. I delete the men bashing emails. I’m married to a man. I am friends with many men. I am raising two boys to be men. I love men and boys and I refuse to get caught up in the myopic view that they are all bad because it is simply not true. I know that for a fact.

Yesterday we had a huge amount of snow dumped on us. Quite possibly more than most of the children in this town have ever seen at one time. Nearly everything in town was shut down, including the major interstate that runs right through our little area. One that that wasn’t closed, however, was B’s place of employment. In his words, “All the managers have 4×4’s – this is why.” As a result, they were open when nearly no one else was and were outrageously busy because of it. B dug out and go there early in the morning. Along the way, he stopped to help 2 people who were stuck on the side of the road – he got their cars out and made sure they got on their way. He picked up many employees who wanted to work and earn money, but couldn’t make it out of their driveways. That’s a good man.

When B did leave work, he came straight home and put the boys booster seats into his truck and we all loaded up and drove to one of the legendary sledding hills in Columbia. The boys hadn’t been asking to go sledding, they were quite happy to play in our flat yard, but B was insistent that we go sledding. It was so important to him to have a family sledding trip, so important to him that he take his sons sledding while we have the snow. And we went and hung out with about 75 other folks and sled down two hills on a little plastic sled and the kids howled with laughter and joy and glee that only small children still have. In a day and age where so many parents are complaining about their kids bugging them to go and do things, my husband went out of his way to do something with his children because it was important to him to share that experience with them. That same man is already planning a complex system of tunnels and caves and mazes to carve, build, and create in the snow in our large back yard – all for the kids.

He comes home every night, he tucks the boys into bed every night. He shovels the driveway and mows the lawn and folds laundry and makes meals and tells jokes and kisses booboos and brings me flowers and jewelry and untold happiness and laughter. He teaches the kids how to fish, how to hike, how to work a canoe, how to hammer nails and fix door knobs and change oil, how too cook, how to play chess, how to win and how to lose, how to love and how to treat people, how to defend themselves and others when walking away just won’t work. He teaches me how to be patient and how to remember that everything always works out, how to take care of myself and how to be Zen. He taught me what it means to be an adult. He always “gets the napkins” and is teaching his children how to do the same thing. He is amazingly wonderful, he is gentle and strong and brave and real.

And he is not alone. There are lots of men just like him – I know, my girlfriends are married to some of them. It makes me so proud of the man I chose as my life partner and so very proud of the young men that are growing up in my house. It gives me hope for the future and it heals the pain of some of the past. It makes me smile and laugh and grow and learn and forgive and dream and wish and wait and see.

So for Christmas this year, I want to get positive emails about the men in our lives – because I’ll certainly be writing about my very own Merry Gentleman.


Winter hits

December 1, 2006