California Sunshine

November 20, 2006

Today has been a rough day. Actually, the last week or so has been rough for me. I’ve been having some health issues, have been waiting (and still am waiting) for a client to labor and birth her child, my kids are getting antsy and B and I have been too damned tired to do anything in the bedroom but sleep. None of it is horrible, just exhausting and frustrating and, well, it has kept me in a bit of a funk for awhile. I was wondering what was going to snap me out of it. I had no idea that it would be something as wonderful as it actually was …

Today I got a large envelope from a Jewish center in California. This perplexed me seeing as how I am not Jewish nor are any my direct ties to California. I would have thought that perhaps it was some sort of philanthropic group looking for donations, but it was hand addressed to me and it looked like there was a drawing inside. Anxiously I opened it up and burst into tears of love and joy and gratitude. If I had a working scanner, I’d scan it so you could see, but alas I do not.

Inside the envelope was a wonderful drawing of two people and flowers and a rainbow with my name and the name of one of the most amazing souls I’ve ever met in my whole life, Rafi. This little 5 year old from California and I became fast friends at Velma’s wedding in October. She went to visit him and his family a few weeks ago and I asked that she say hello for me. And, in return, I got one of Rafi’s gorgeous drawings. I couldn’t be happier.

One comment

  1. ((SK)) You know where I’m at if you ever need a shoulder to lean on or bitch too. =)

    I’m glad Rafi made your world a little bit brighter.


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