Nothing profound

September 30, 2006

I got nothing profound really to say, but there’s a lot of really neat-o things going on in my world as of late, so what the hell, eh?

Saw my nephew play football this morning. His team got slaughtered (53 -0 I think,) but man, let me just say that it was some sort of trip to watch the first baby I’ve ever loved playing out there. He’s a man now, a young man, of course, but a man. He looked damned good out there. It took my breath away to watch him get out of his pads and stand there, sweat curling his hair, and remember the little boy who used to have curly hair and smiles that melted my heart. I love that kid. He’s amazing. He’s special. There’s no other kid like him. And I like to think that I’m a little special to him, too. He’ll be 13 on Friday. I expect that I’ll call him from the beach or the Redwoods or somewhere equally as cool. NOTE TO SELF – Find out if he has a camera phone – I can send him a birthday picture from SF.

I saw this a couple of years ago, right when it first was broadcast. I had just heard of Mr. Ritchie then and it was the following Monday that I put Cocky on hold at the library. Had I know what an obsession I would have built, I would have paid more attention the first time. But, since I didn’t, I have been waiting 2 years for it to be rebroadcast. It came on today and I recorded it to DVD. My GAWD, what a good time. HW Jr is just amazing – the tribute to T-Top is so brilliant. B and I noted that it was nearly like church, watching these two work together. I also mentioned that it was the only kind of church that I would attend and, frankly, also mentioned that I probably would become a fundamentalist. It comes on again at 11 tonight. Might just invite Mr. Beam over and watch it again!

I met someone today. The someone is special to someone in my life. I’m not going to comment very much, but before you ask, yeah, he’s alright. Reminds me a bit of my own B.

JM Bill sent me a text message from Greece. And, to JMB, yeah, baby, I hear you about the beaches. I’ve never been to a beach like that, but the Rainbow Gatherings are much the same. Clothes are over rated. SO glad you’re having a blast.

Stealth has a cold. Poor baby. Didn’t get much sleep at all last night. Neither did I.

The new camera kicks ass, for a point and shoot, anyway. Great purchase!

I miss JP something fierce. It’s been nearly a month since we’ve seen each other. Might as well be a year. It hurts when I am away from someone I love for so long. I MUST get together with her when I return from SF.

I’ve made myself another bag to take to SF. I intentionally made it a little more colorful than I normally like because I think I need to break out of my own mold. But of course, I now run the risk of T trying to take it from me on the flight because it is purple. Hmmmmmm…….

Better go felt that now!!

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