September 26, 2006
It’s a gorgeous day.  80 degrees and it’s nearly October.  We’ve been really enjoying the weather lately.  Sunday B and I took the boys for a hike.  I really felt how blessed I am to have such a wonderful loving family. Yesterday I took the boys bike riding and then to the playground.  Today I plan on washing all the linens and letting them dry on the line.  Nothing like fresh sheets for a good nights sleep.
J.M.Bill is off in Greece.  If I didn’t love her so much, I’d call her a bitch.  Greece really agrees with her and her Mr., so I hope they live it up.  Might be the last time they make it there – not exactly as easy to get there from Botswana.  The challenge is put on hold for a few days.  She’ll return approximately 36 hours before I leave for San Francisco.  Sheesh.  I’m gonna have to make a note to myself about her challenge and my own!  Anyway, JMB and Mr. JMB, eat some olives for me, eh?  And JMB?  Enjoy those Greeks.  😉
I really really really love getting rid of crap that just drags you down.  It’s so refreshing to be able to say, "um, yeah, no more for me, thanks" and move on.  The cleanest day of your house is the day you take out the trash.  Been making several trips to the curb lately and have been enjoying the benefits enormously.  And I’m not speaking literally.
I’ve been knitting and designing up a storm lately.  It’s so nice to look around the house and know that we’ll never be cold and it’s all from my own two hands.  Pretty nice when folks pay me for it, too. 
Duck has been doing multiplication lately.  Unreal.  The kid is 6 years old.  Anyway, it’s just starting, but it’s nearly all he thinks about, all he talks about.  Lovely.
Speaking of Duck, I’m so excited for his yoga class to start.  It will be so good for him.
Stealth.  I haven’t mentioned much about Stealth lately, but it’s mostly because every day it’s something new with him.  He’s amazing.  I remember how wonderful 4 years old is. 
I’m so thrilled to be able to be home with the boys and to be their primary teacher.  It astounds me what the public schools are *not* teaching.  I saw on the local news the other day that there is a new program out there aimed at getting all children reading by 3rd grade.  THIRD GRADE!!!!  Are you kidding me?  Now, of course, I’m all about kids learning to do things on their own schedule. I’m fully aware of folks who didn’t learn to read until well later than most and they turned out just fine and well, but come on!  Can you imagine how bored some kids will be in class?  In a neighbor town, the first grade there are focusing on a letter a day.  A letter a day.  A few numbers here and there, but mostly they are learning how to function in a machine and they are learning a letter a day.  Duck is already reading chapter books.  We’re so lucky to be able to homeschool the kids – they’d be bored to death.
B is hard at work doing more framing.  I love seeing him work late into the night.  Lights burning in his shop, music playing, him doing what he does best.  He’s so talented it makes me teeth sweat just thinking about it.
DDFF, wanna grab a cuppa soon and do some knitting?  I’d love to see that market bag you’re working on.
VJ, sistah, I’ll be seeing you soon.  I can’t wait.  xoxoxo
Life is just so juicy good right now.  LOVE it.

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