December 28, 2005


  • Happy Birthday, my brother.  Sincerely.  It’s my brother’s 35th birthday.  Tear it up.
  • Having the flu at Christmas sucks ass.  Getting it the day after Christmas is better.  Marginally.
  • Ex lovers who have remained friends will just have to understand if I don’t answer the phone.  You’re on my time, baby (but, I do wish we could have met up – you still have to meet the boys!)
  • When you buy clothes, but regret spending the money, life smiles on you and the clothes don’t fit or they make you look like a grandma or like you’re a grandma trying to be 19, so you take them back and get your cash in return!  It’s awesome – you get the rush of shopping, but you never lose the dough!
  • Sometimes you find the perfect pair of embroidered distressed jeans – and no need for returns.
  • My husband knows me better than I know myself.  He proved it this year at Christmas.  I’m a lucky woman.  And, damn, the man has great taste!  Thanks, B.  You outdid yourself.
  • Playing Candy Land with your kids is more fun than it was when you played it yourself as a child.
  • There is nothing more valuable than friendships.  They should be insured and cared for more than jewels and property.
  • It is hard to enjoy a good stretch in my life when others who I care about are struggling.
  • 4 inch wool fibers are infinitely more difficult to spin than 6 inch fibers.  That size doesn’t matter stuff is bullshit.
  • Think before you speak and I will try to do the same.
  • Never underestimate the power of an electric slot car track to tear grown men away from their wives at Christmas.  Seriously, I don’t know if that track was for Stealth and Duck or for B and Uncle B!!  SIL D, maybe you should buy one for your house, too.
  • Want your partner to agree to re-decorating the bedroom?  Get a fancy new silk quilt as a gift.  Viola! It’ll even be his idea.
  • Shakespeare’s Pizza is the best pizza (maybe second only to BeauJo’s in Colorado Springs.)  Having Shake’s with an old friend only makes it that much better.  (Can’t wait, Jill My Bill.)
  • Starting the new year surrounded by friends and family and optimism can only result in good things.
  • ESPD is a great guy.  Having met him in person twice now, I only grow fonder of him.  Thank you, Mr. , for understanding that my girl can take care of herself, but for taking care of her anyway.   You two are a good pair, even if she does put holes in your nuts.  (
  • Taking a break from blogging makes it hard to get back on the horse.

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