Thanks – and good news!

November 29, 2005

Thank you, everyone, for your words of concern and compassion yesterday.  The post about my grandfather was something that I needed to write for myself – it just happened that I wrote it here and you all read it.  I appreciate your comments and thanks so much for reaching out to me both here on this blog as well as through personal email.

I heard from my father last night and, to my surprise and joy, apparently no one is expecting my grandfather to go anywhere soon.  In fact, they are only half joking when they are making comments about him finding another girlfriend and living for another 20 years.  I guess hearing about his plans for death as well as the unexpected nature of the disease led me to believe that things were getting much worse much faster than they actually are.
I hope to visit him soon.  I hope to find him willing to talk.  Maybe I can bribe him with some pie.

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