November 24, 2005

Listing them, folks, probably more for myself than anyone. I’m sure I’ll miss some.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  • My strong healthy body that carries my where I want to go and allows me to do what I want to do.
  • My heart that aches for all those in pain, leaps for joy with all those celebrating, dances in love, and hopes for the future.
  • My mind that is rusted open.
  • My spirit that is beyond my body, heart, and mind.
  • My husband who is the perfect extension of my being, and I am the perfect extension of his.
  • Our marriage, which is based on honesty, trust, openness, faith, humor, compassion, and love.
  • Our children who walk on clouds and sprinkle magic wherever they go
  • My family members who have humored me for nearly 30 years.
  • My in-laws who took a chance on the weirdo and have loved me for 7 years and counting.
  • My friends to whom I owe more than words can convey.
  • My house that shelters me and my loved ones, keeps us warm and together.
  • My art which gives me outlet for my creativity and keeps me sane
  • My ability to stay at home with my children and educate, rather than school, them
  • My career in birth – there are no words for how grateful I am to be a part of miracles on a daily basis.
  • My freedom
  • Food in my belly and clothes on my back
  • Being 35 pounds lighter and healthier this year
  • Sobriety
  • Intelligence
  • Passion – without it, there is no motivation. Without motivation, there is no growth.
  • Forgiveness
  • Pronoia
  • Faith and hope
  • Humor

And the list goes on…

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